Thursday, August 2, 2012

weekend visitors

b's grandparents came to visit us last weekend! well, technically, they were only passing through on their way to an alaskan cruise, but we were delighted to see them. our first non-parental visitors! they'd never been to seattle before so we dragged them all over the city, making sure they checked out all the must-see tourist destinations.

the great wheel of seattle opened last month and i am DYING to ride it. and i almost made it on saturday...until the group vetoed me because of the hourlong wait. b and i had some strong words about this. silly, i know. but i really wanted to ride it. :) 

we ended the day with a delicious birthday dinner for b at ray's boathouse, overlooking elliott bay. jack especially loved running around on the dock after dinner. :)

it was such a fun day! we love visitors and can't wait for more, which is lucky because we've got new ones lined up every month from now till christmas. hooray! however, i can't guarantee you incredible sunshine like we had on saturday -- it was glorious. seattle, you mostly sure have won this little family over. 


korie said...

Looks like all the stuff I just did. Even Ivans! Haha! Still sorry we didn't meet up...

Brandon and Erica said...

I LOVE your long hair!! You're so pretty. And Jack is adorable as always, but he seriously does not look like a baby at all! Crazy. You have a 2 year old.

Glad your July month was fun, and I just read your Olympic post and loved it. Hope you're enjoying your week of the Olympics now that you have cable :)