Tuesday, August 14, 2012

lake detox

last week was pretty bananas. spent my days working like a crazy person (see also: taking on too much, over-extending myself, various other personal vices) and my nights at one networking event or gym class after another. all the fun culminated friday afternoon when i got a killer migraine, the likes of which i haven't seen since before jack was born -- guess my body was telling me to cool it.

basically, i was REALLY ready for the weekend. on saturday, we got a daytime babysitter (those are the best kind, btw -- day dates feel so much more fun and spontaneous than night ones!) and headed over to lake union. we rented paddle boards and made our way around the lake -- past the houseboats and ivar's, under the fremont & aurora bridges, over to gas works park and back. it was a beautiful day and i LOVED being out on the water.

we rented our boards from agua verde, which conveniently has a mexican restaurant on the top floor. we got tacos for lunch and then headed home. that night, we had friends over and bbq'ed and made smores with our new fire pit. after we cleaned up and everyone left, b and i watched burn notice and went to bed sunburned and happy. it was a perfect summer day.

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