Monday, December 10, 2012

an epic update

first, a little annoucement. ;)

does that help explain the radio silence around here a little bit? between jack giving up naps for good and my new-found 24/7 exhaustion, we've just been trying to survive around here -- and blogging is loooow on my priority list. BUT i'm 14 weeks this week and finally, finally starting to feel like i have a bit more energy so i think we're on the upswing.

so with that, here's a big fat update on what we've all been up to lately.

brandon. b got himself a new job! no no, don't worry, he's still at microsoft, just switched over to a new role as a product marketing manager for xbox. after working for nintendo in LA i think he's just never stopped loving the video game industry, and this is pretty much his dream job. i'm so proud of him and so happy to see him loving his work. his new office is closer to our house and seems great so far. he also just put up christmas lights on our house for the first time (since we've only ever lived in apartments) and was pretty proud of himself. in his free time he does "work research" (i.e. plays video games on the computer against my brother) and has been mourning the end of college football season. he & jack still have "man dates" every saturday and it's pretty cute. b is an awesome daddy & an even better husband to my crazy, hormonal self, putting up with my emotional breakdowns and lack of motivation for household chores. ;)

lyndsey. hooooly cow that first trimester is NOT to be underestimated. i feel like i'm just barely coming back to life after weeks & weeks of nonstop nausea and going to bed by 9 p.m. i haven't been working much (jack is partly to blame for this too) and frankly haven't been doing much of anything -- no cleaning, shopping, socializing, etc. i do feel like i'm handling things a tiny bit better this time though, since you can't be THAT lazy when you've got a two-year-old to chase around. i've also been having kind of a hard time with seattle's dark & rainy skies but i'm trying to keep my chin up. i only manage to get a few hours of computer time in per day, which is spent doing the most important bare minimum stuff, so i'm pretty much falling apart when it comes to my former life of freelancing, blogging (here and there), managing my seattle blogger group, reading a zillion blogs and checking facebook. :( if you want to know what we're up to, check my instagram feed -- it's the only place i update regularly.

jack. my volatile little monkey. the twos are both adorable and exhausting. he is speaking in full sentences and says the funniest things to me, he's so smart, he LOVES trains and football, and he's got a lot of energy. but his tantrums & whining are off the charts and it is SO exhausting to try to be patient with him all day long. naps are officially over in this house, which makes it hard too -- i give him "quiet time" in the afternoons so i can try to get anything something done, but he doesn't love it and it never lasts that long. good news is, i can always count on an early bedtime! i doubt my parenting skills pretty frequently, but most of the time he seems like he's mostly turning out okay so i'll just keep plugging along. the thought of having to do this all over again in another 3 years gives me a major headache. ;)

and there you have it, the wells family in a nutshell. we find out the gender of this baby on january 31st; i'm due on june 12 -- hooray for another summer baby! hopefully we can just keep it together in the meantime. :)


Chris and Paige Evans said...


Janessa said...

YES! Hooray for another gorgeous Wells baby - seriously, if Jack is any indication, your family is going to look like a baby Gap ad in the best way possible.

Season said...

Congratulations!! Jack is going to be the best big brother. (He looks soooo grown up!) Hope you can get a good nap sometime soon. :)

Chelsea said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you guys!

Lori and Matt said...

yea!!! congrats guys! i hope you're feeling better lyndsey! good luck with the whole no nap thing- that's SO hard! make him some special naptime activities and rotate through them so he can stay entertained while you get a break... i mean, get something done!:)

Suzana Garrett said...

love it. that first trimester is a killer. and add an energetic toddler to that and you really have got your hands full. glad you're starting to feel better. jack is going to be such a cute big brother. congrats - so happy for you guys!