Wednesday, December 5, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

we flew to utah this year for thanksgiving with the wells clan. it was sunny and HOT -- and by hot, i mean 60 degrees. my poor seattle blood has gotten so thick! we arrived a few days early and had time for really important stuff like cafe rio, in n out and shopping. we also got to visit my adorable grandparents in provo -- i miss them so much!

tuesday night we went to dinner at another favorite restaurant (asian star in midvale, i highly recommend) to celebrate b's dad's birthday and jack finally got to meet his first & only cousin, cole! "baby cole" is adorable and jack thought he was pretty cool...until he started grabbing jack's hair. haha.

the weather all week couldn't have been better (maybe a little less lips were peeling & i was getting daily nosebleeds by the time we left) and i loved seeing the sun!!

thanksgiving was a great day with lots of family & lots of food. :) three pieces of pie for dessert? sure, why not.

on thanksgiving, i always like to make a list of the things i'm thankful for -- things i don't necessarily think about on a daily basis, but that i'm really blessed with nonetheless. (does your family go around the table & name something they're thankful for? i love that tradition & plan to start it once i start hosting the big meal.) at the top of my list this year was having all 4 of my grandparents, healthy & happy. i've had so many friends lose grandparents lately that i feel like i'm starting to become one of the lucky rare ones. i love our extended families, on my side and on b's, and feel so lucky that there are so many people who love us and love jack. case in point -- b's grandparents with their two little great-grandkids.

the funniest part of the week: while i was getting my hair done on tuesday, b took jack to the university of utah fan store to pick out a little football helmet. we'd been planning to get him one for christmas (since he demands a helmet while watching football but all we currently have is his scooter helmet...not quite the same effect) and up until now we'd never had a problem buying his presents with him sitting right there -- but no longer. jack was OBSESSED with this helmet and wore it all around the store, wouldn't even take it off to pay or to get in the car. he ate & drank with it on his head and wore it nonstop the rest of the day. b got it out again on thanksgiving and jack wore it for all the football games, all day long. it was a wrestling match to get it off of him and into a box to ship to my parents' house for christmas -- he's asked for it twice since we've been home. oy, that kid.

just running around, entertaining the fam...

after a little required black friday shopping (at 10 a.m...i'm definitely not the die-hard i used to be) we grabbed one last cafe rio burrito and headed to the airport. we got home to a cloudy, rainy seattle and finally stopped sweating. :) good to be home!

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