Sunday, December 2, 2012

grandpa wells comes to town

my grandmother emailed me last week (hi grammie!) to inform me i hadn't updated since halloween. whoops. i guess now that i'm down to one or two readers, i should avoid alienating them further ;) so, here we go.

in november, grandpa wells (b's dad) came to visit us for a weekend! the main point of the trip was to attend the UW - utah game here in seattle, since b & his dad have a lovely & expensive tradition of traveling to a utah away game every year (notre dame, washington state, etc.). i wasn't so sure i wanted to go...rivalries, you know. but our BFFs wanted to get tickets too so that talked me into it. i'll watch ANY football game if i can sit and talk about food & fashion with alex ;)

we went to the official utah tailgate party right before the game, which was in the bullpen at safeco field. so cool to see the empty baseball field all lit up!

and then it was game time. utah lost...wah wah.

BUT -- another perk of attending the game -- my good friend & former co-worker in LA, jolee, texted me that day to say she & her husband were randomly in town for the game. hooray! we had a quick halftime rendezvous and it was so, SO good to see her face. (past adventures with jolee include a rousing two weeks in rural georgia & an awesome trip to NYC. i miss her.)

also while grandpa was in town, we checked out the museum of flight. how had i never been there before?? it was awesome & i plan to take all my visitors there from now on. from the giant airplane hangar to the space shuttle display to the original boeing factory, it was super cool.

jack even got to drive a jet.

this kid's faces crack me up. i mean seriously. can you handle the cuteness? "cheese!"

in addition to football & airplanes, jack spent the rest of the weekend playing with grandpa and loved every minute of it. come again soon!

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