Monday, December 3, 2012

defying gravity

wicked came to seattle last month. i've seen that play twice already, once with my whole family in LA in 2005 and again with b in NYC in 2006. that second time, we got lottery tickets and sat in the 2nd row -- and it was also the weekend he proposed to me, so yeah...that was a pretty good day. i was pretty obsessive about the soundtrack in college and still pop it in every once in a while, i know every word. i just love that show!

anyway, i knew it was coming to town and i had exactly zero plans of seeing it again. until, that is, a friend was on a local morning show on a day they also happened to feature the two stars of wicked. i tuned in to support my friend but stuck around to watch the girls sing. bad choice. by the end of the song i was completely choked up, realizing my undying love for that play. my friend rachel had just been telling me she'd never seen wicked but wanted to, so i called her that day and told her i'd go with her.

we nabbed tickets and went on a wednesday night. i felt silly about being there, all the way up until we were in our seats (at the amazing paramount theater in seattle, i love that place!). and then the curtain went up and the music started and i didn't feel like a crazy freak anymore. holy cow. not only is wicked AMAZING, but live theater in general is so incredible. nothing can compare. i can't wait to take my kids to a show one day and share that magic with them. it was such a fun night and i'm glad i went. although i still feel a little silly ;)


Lisa said...

I knew we were friends for a reason. I share the same emotional love for the play. I still listen to the soundtrack once or twice a month. I LOVE it.

Roxanne said...

A little silly is always good...i've seen it three times as well...we are SUCH twinners! One day we should go together!