Saturday, August 1, 2009

saturdays are my fave

it's funny how saturdays are still the best day of the week, even when you're unemployed and basically every day is a saturday. but today was just really nice.

we slept in.
i read blogs.
we watched what not to wear [b loves that show now but will not admit it to anyone].
we went to the pool.
b's brother [who works at the pool] brought us strawberry-colada smoothies, on the house of course.
we saw 500 days of summer.
we went to dinner with the in laws.
we came home and will sleep in our OWN bed tonight.

we've been house-sitting in slc all week [except i bailed and came back to orem on thursday & friday to attend social events] and it's nice to be home now.

i was SO looking forward to seeing 500 days of summer...of course, with it being in limited release upon opening, it didn't come to slc until yesterday [but has been playing in LA for the past two weeks]. it fully delivered and i totally recommend it -- i laughed out loud a ton, loved the whole message and even cried a little. the relationship in the movie was so REAL...i could relate to so many things they said and did.

but i gotta say -- it also cracked me up because it was so "indie." i mean, sure, maybe i'm sensitive because it mirrored certain parts of my life, but seriously -- they got just about all the stereotypes of people our age. the clothes, shopping at ikea, regina spektor, chalkboard paint, straight-across was hilarious. um...AND it was all set in downtown LA. WOO! i became so desensitized to seeing filmings all over downtown that i stopped paying attention, but i wish i could have seen this one going on. there was a dance number in there that i would have paid money to see.

hope you had a nice saturday as well :)


dietcokegrrl said...

Sounds like a great day!

And jealous about 500 days of summer---I sooooo want to see it!!

Jean said...

Wow, sounds like a dreamy Saturday!!! Nothing better than chilling at the pool. Now I need to see that movie - I just love that it's the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun!!

Lindsey said...

Seriously, here's to doing nothing. Cheers.

And I'll have to check out 500 days of summer. (How is it that I haven't even heard of it yet?)
Oh, and what's the new job?

And I can't figure out if you're in SLC (my hometown) or LA (my alma mater)?

dana said...

We loved the movie too! I almost want to see it again. Both of them were SO great.