Saturday, June 27, 2009

the LAST week.

thursday was my last day at basically, that meant that all i did this week was party harty.

the day i left, i was exactly three months short of reaching my three-year anniversary of working there -- GH was my first real job out of college, so between that and the fact that i've stayed so long [three years is an eternity in a PR agency], i was very attached and very sad to leave.

tuesday i went to lunch with some of my yamaha clients. they were SO nice and so appreciative of everything i've done over the past few was so great to hear, because when i started working with them i was just a nervous little newbie -- and i feel like i've actually become their partner.

wednesday i introduced the office to the lovely concept of a potluck -- we had a TON of food. a ton.

i also got to hang out with this adorable little guy -- i love when cooper [my boss' baby] comes to visit :)

thursday was THE day. here's me at my messy cube for the last time:

we had a girls-only lunch at cpk [rebecca, jolee, me & anne]:

[we were sitting at lunch when we found out about michael jackson's heart soon as we got back to the office we heard the tmz rumor that he had died. talk about a memorable, CRAZY thing to happen on my last day! also, one of my favorite things about hanging out with all the PR girls is that we're all obsessed with celeb gossip and pop culture...i'm going to miss our daily updates.]

then we came back to the office and celebrated AGAIN...with sprinkles cupcakes [an auto team fave] of course! i got to pick the flavors -- black&white and red velvet (with a coconut for tracy):

and then it was time to be done. [of course, i didnt leave till 7 p.m. because i had to finish up a bunch of random loose ends. pretty good way to leave a job, when no one else is there to say goodbye to you. no tears.]

i'm going to miss my auto team peeps the MOST! here's me and jolee:

me and the famous rebecca of style with benefits [i swear, i taught her everything she knows about blogging :) ]:

and me with my boss, tracy [and little coop]. she is the one who hired me back in 2006, and we've worked together on every project ever since. she taught me how to do events, i taught her about crafts and alternative swear words. we both love chocolate, budgeting, reading and [sort of] jon+kate. i'm going to miss her a lot :(

when i left, i sent an email out to the whole office to say goodbye. jolee gave me the lovely idea of making a top 10 list of my favorite memories of working at GH...things i'd never have done if i hadn't come to work there. here it is:

if i hadn't come to GH, i never would've been able to...
1. fly in a private jet
2. meet male supermodel tyson beckford [who kissed my cheek!] and world-famous motorcycle racer Ben Bostrom
3. help build houses with habitat for humanity
4. ride on a motorcycle through the backwoods of georgia
5. feel an earthquake in an LA high rise
6. hang out in the VIP booths at Laguna Seca raceway
7. camp out for the first time [in an RV of course :) ]
8. sleep in the hotel where deliverance was filmed
9. participate in two wii tournaments AND three incredibly frustrating Easter egg hunts
10. meet a ton of amazing co-workers and friends!

as you can see, i had a lot of baggage. the whole last week and especially last day all just felt so normal...but i kept reminding myself this was the last time i'd ever be there. so surreal to walk out of our building onto the busy LA streets and down to my subway station for the last time. i made it all the way home before i cried...just a little.

onto the next adventure! i just wish it involved a little more california and golinharris.


LB3K said...

I'm so sorry you are having a hard time leaving. Change is hard. . . but Utah is not so bad, and it won't be forever. . . Good luck with the packing!

Nat said...

STOP making me sad!!!! It was so fun to be in the same ward with you again, even if we hardly ever got to hang out. You are an amazing gal, Lyndsey.
Keep your chin up! It won't be long before you return to us, I just know it! :)

dana said...

I'm glad you have a great last week! And fun to see a pic of your cube and where you (used to) sit every day.

Angela and Mike said...

Awesome last day. Especially the cupcake part. Boy, I might as well be pregnant since I eat SO much food these days. haha, no I am NOT prego...I just eat a lot. Don't worry.

I'm glad you had fun with all your co workers. 3 years is TOTALLY a long time. Way to go!

Mollie said...

Lyndsey! You are making me so sad!

megan said...

what a fun post!
my favorite?
the top 10 things
makes me wish I had a life :-)
and, don't leave!

Jean said...

Awww!! What a great last week of work!! Sounds like an awesome crew there. :-) I can see why they will be missed!

dietcokegrrl said...

Love this post! Makes me miss working and reminds of fun times too.

You've got some great things ahead for you--just you wait and see!

We'll miss you lots!! XOXO

JoLee said...

It feels so strange that you are no longer there...I haven't been in the office a single day since you left :(