Thursday, November 6, 2008

tis the season

spotted on shelves:

yes, folks, it is that season again. SO excited. i bought two boxes and it's not even december yet.

then i proceeded to eat a few for my dinner. with no other food to support it. now i am sick. oh well, what else is a girl supposed to do when her husband is gone for four and a half out of six consecutive days? boo.

i did however find this picture on my camera tonight, from the LAST time he was in san francisco...which was about, oh, six days ago. i love my husband:

i am SO OVER payzant-wells family travel.


dana said...

OH!!! Yay! I love those.
In fact I posted about them last December as well! Were we friends then? I don't think you were in our ward yet...
Merry Early Christmas!

Jean said...

Haha! One of my friends in Orange County did a blog post this week about these Joe-Joe's too!! Everyone is so excited. I hadn't really discovered TJ's by last Christmas, but this year, I'm stocking up!!

Kathryn said...

Have you tried the mint M&M's? Another season favorite. Thanks for the tip (or not). Now I must make a trip to my local Trader Joes.

dietcokegrrl said...

I KNOW!!! I saw those a few days ago, but had to restrain myself from buying any because we have soooooo much Halloween candy left. Maybe I'll just throw out the candy and eat some cookies instead. yum!!!

schnazdoodle said...

Are those peppermint?!?! Because, FOR REAL! I need those. Like. Woah. :)