Saturday, June 4, 2011


ugh. i've just been nailing it right and left lately in the embarrassment category. this is most likely a result of karma, because the other day b and i were discussing most embarrassing moments and the best one i could think of was when i got hit in the stomach with a soccer ball and passed out in the middle of the field at 6th grade recess. (true story.) apparently i needed more humiliation in my life.

but anyway. yesterday i had a big meeting for work and i left it feeling pretty happy, but as the day went on i realized i should have been a LOT more aggressive in laying out our goals and in directing the conversation. ugh. sucks!

b took a negotiations class in his MBA program and he is constantly going on and on about finagling with people and how to get the best deal and how you never want to "leave money on the table." [his new skills are coming in handy these days as we are currently in the market for a new car, a new couch and a new apartment. oh, and he just got himself a job, so i guess it helped then too.] i've never been good at this stuff. i don't negotiate well, i'm not a sales-y type person, i don't like feeling like i'm forcing someone to do something...i just take what's offered to me and i go with it. which is silly, because how are you ever going to get what you want unless you ask for it? (this is also why b and i started our careers at the same time and for the 3 years we lived in LA, he made a looot more money than me. because he asks for it. me, on the other hand..."you want to give me a job?! okay!" bah.)

moving on. when i was leaving said meeting [at this amazing amazing store that i never even knew existed -- i'm serious, go there if you're planning ANY type of party] someone in the parking lot said "lyndsey?" i turned around and it was my best friend from elementary school -- who i haven't seen or talked to in over 10 years. not to mention the last place we'd hung out was more than 800+ miles away. [AND she's not mormon, which is weird. you usually run into every mormon you've ever met in the state of utah, but rarely do i see other people here.] short, random, awkward conversation ensued...but i'm really glad she said hi. what a small world.

and finally. today jack and i were at the fabric store and a woman moved her cart out of my way so we could get by. as i walked past, i heard her whisper to her friend " embarrassing!" hmm. not something you usually want to hear. so i looked down and of course her words were directed at me -- having a bigtime wardrobe malfunction that i didn't even know about. super awesome. not to mention the fact that these days i'm pretty much perpetually covered in unidentifiable blobs of baby food.

i should probably just hide in my apartment from now on and stop interacting with people. my awkwardness knows no bounds.


LB3K said...

thank you for sharing! it makes me feel so much better to know that the cool, fashionista, career-woman/stay-at-home mom has her moments, too. ;0) chin up, girl! you are awesome!

carynthemom said...

You are cute. Embarrassing would have/could have beens are the pits. Just move on and out of your apartment. xxoo

Amy said...

I am dying to know what the wardrobe malfunction was? Zipper down? I am just glad that we are all human and that this world is so much more interesting and entertaining by watching the error of others! At least you are cool enough to laugh (and write!) about it!

scrubgrub said...

k so that lady was a jerk. A) If you notice it say something. B) If they can't fix it.. kid has just sneezed yogurt all over you then keep your mouth shut.
My 2 cents.