Saturday, June 25, 2011

friends + the last week

we've been squeezing every last second out of the past few days, trying to enjoy utah all we can before we move. [three days left! ack.] here's a little of what we've been up to...

we lived in pasadena before we moved to orem, and we had an a-maz-ing group of friends whom i loved and was very sad to leave. fast forward>> two years and there are now EIGHT pasadena families living along the wasatch's like a mass migration. we all got together on monday for a potluck/going away party and i was so happy to see my friends!! [we missed you jen!] [and no, i'm not holding jack, he was in bed by the time we took this...that's allison's baby dean who is younger and bigger than j. big boy!]

and speaking of friends, i met up with my ex-roommates christine & lacy this week for brunch. we met in the dorms, lived together in apartments for 2+ years and have been bff ever since -- and then, we all had cute little boys within a year of each other. we were quite a site, managing sippy cups, binkies, grabby little hands and squealing babies over conversation & french toast. worth it!

every night when i go running, i look up at the mountains and try to burn their image into my brain. it is so pretty here. i'm going to miss these mountains:

little jackal has been a champ lately, even though our apartment is currently a giant maze of boxes and we're constantly dragging him around town to run errands. in the meantime he's been trying some fun new foods, including snow cones [thanks leandra for the tip on the snow shack]:

and pickles -- he reeked like relish all the way home. please note the seeds covering his shirt.

one very hot day, we went up to byu to finish up some business. it was so fun to show my boy around our alma mater and tell him this is where HE will go to college one day too [though i'm sure he'll still cheer for utah football if b has anything to do with it]:

we saw an exhibit in the lee library that had jack's name written all over it -- literally! [wah wah.]

jack also met a lizard. grossssss. [my cousin's kids have one.] we washed his hands 0.3 seconds after this picture was taken.

and, my favorite sister came to see us last weekend -- for one last utah hurrah, and to help me with a little pre-birthday bask for mr. jack [more on that later]. i looooved having her here. come to seattle rachie!! we miss you already.

and that's a wrap! at least, for this post -- as soon as the next three days are over, then UTAH is a wrap. sad.


Becca said...

hunter's kids!

Jean said...

I'm so glad that we got to see you guys one more time! I'm so excited for you, but seriously -- it's SAD!!!