Sunday, June 19, 2011

a day at the zoo

we're crossing off the utah bucket list, right and left -- last week: taking jack on his very first trip to the zoo!

we went to salt lake city's hogle zoo; i'd never been before, but b has gone ever since he was a kid. grandma & grandpa wells accompanied us and we had a great time. was hot. i really like to plan ahead on things so i get annoyed if i don't anticipate something -- this heat was unexpected and i didn't like it. no water, no baby hat, wrong shoes, no shorts, wrong stroller...ugh. guess i'm ready for the seattle perma-cool. but anyway. we persevered and all was well.

jack loved the elephants and got mad when he couldn't touch them. he also cried when we had to leave the camel exhibit.

i wore a leopard-print shirt that day, which i just realized as i was uploading photos. it was not intentional. but just so you know, we didn't see any navy-and-purple leopards at the zoo.

since it was hot we spent a lot of time in the indoor exhibits to cool off. [check out jack's pink cheeks.] also lots of the outside animals hated the heat too and hid in the shade so we couldn't see them. lame. inside animals were happy to play. here's our little fam:

jack & grandma:

j with grandma & grandpa. LOOK at the sky + green hills! oh utah, you are really pretty sometimes. i'm going to miss these mountains.

my favorite were the giraffes. you can get up high on platforms, right next to their heads, and watch them eat. there were also animatronic dinosaurs scattered throughout the park which we loooved. we being me and b and our jurassic park obsession...jack heard one growl from the t-rex and burst into tears/shaking. poor kiddo.

then we hit up ruth's diner for dinner -- a perfectly quaint comfort-food hideaway up in emigration canyon. it was so picturesque and pretty, and i finally stopped sweating out on the back patio. all in all, a great day.

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