Monday, June 27, 2011

out with the old, in with the new

everything is off the walls, we've got boxes lining our living room and my suitcase is packed. the movers come tomorrow and we fly out on wednesday! next chapter, here i come.

we've been busy cleaning out and organizing and it is really fun. i love feeling like i'm getting rid of clutter. HOWEVER this inevitably leads to me getting nostalgic and mopey when i have to throw things out. i get very attached to things, apparently. clothes that i've had since college, the couch we bought together when we were engaged, the desk b got when he moved to san francisco, etc. etc. -- even though i never wear the clothes anymore, the couch was falling apart, and i hated that desk.

b told me this commercial was meant for me. i shared it on facebook too, but it's hilarious:

speaking of getting rid of things, i don't think i ever blogged about b's car accident. a few months ago he was coming home from the gym and hit a car who turned right in front of him [pretty much an exact replica of the accident from last year]. he was completely fine, no airbags even, but turns out the car was totaled. MY car, the one we bought three weeks after we got married, the one i zipped all around southern california in. boo. b effectively destroyed both our california-license-plated cars in the two years we were in utah. all that remained from the corrolla were hubcaps:

today, we picked up a new car. thanks to a sweet insurance payment we didn't even have to pay out of pocket. [actually, b bought it a few weeks ago, but had to wait on various paperwork to go through. nothing like the last minute!] we're now the proud owners of two honda accords.

it's bittersweet, feeling like this part of life is coming to a close. it seems like just yesterday we were moving in and b was starting school. geez. time goes too quick.

next blog post coming at you from seattle!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Can't believe your next post will hail from Seattle!! Good luck the next couple days - thinking of ya!

Angela and Mike said...

I'm so excited for your new adventure. I totally got sentimental leaving my old house. When I turned out the lights one by one I cried and cried. haha.

Good luck with the move!

Season said...

I will miss you!!! I'm so glad Jack and Clara got to play together one last time on Sunday. :) Good luck in Seattle!