Thursday, June 30, 2011

hellooo seattle

we made it! hooray. after a crazy couple of moving days, we said goodbye to our friends, took one last swing on the playground, grabbed one last cafe rio salad and were on our way to the airport.

the new company [heretofore referred to on this blog as "msft" so as not to get me in trouble w/ the hubs and/or random google searches] generously flew us out in first class, which was cool since i've never flown first class before. but actually it turned out to be more like a cruel joke, because wow. you think it's bad flying on an airplane with a baby? try flying on an airplane with a baby when you're also sitting in the super-quiet VIP section with a bunch of stuffy, rich men who won't even smile at your adorable baby who is grinning right at them. yeah. i was pretty tense. also there were no warm towels so the wedding singer got my hopes up for nothing.

anyway, we're here. and the sun was shining when we landed! yay, thanks for the great welcome, seattle. i think you and i are going to do just fine together.

we're staying in temporary housing until our stuff gets here, hopefully this weekend. the apartment is a lot like the one we stayed in last summer. plus there's a jack-height window which the kid looooves. the first thing he does when he wakes up every morning is reach for the front door and grunt -- i swear, he'd be outside all day every day if he could. so it's nice for him to have his own little window to peek out of and think he's playing outside.

on today's agenda: pick up our new keys, go to the post office, make a home-cooked meal for dinner and possibly go to trader joe's. oh, and try to find my way around town without solely relying on my verizon navigator. new lives are hard to get used to.


Tiffany Fife Buckmiller said...

Congrats on the arrival! Issaquah isn't hard to navigate, you'll be okay ;) mostly everything is off a few main roads, once you get those down, you'll be golden. go eat at XXX if you need a greasy burger! it should be close to your new place

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Yippee!!! Yay for Washington! So excited for you. Can't wait to live vicariously through you (pretty sure I've said that here before, but now it's coming true!)

W. Coleamn said...

hi lynds:

i wrote a note bur didn't follow through with id so am trying again.

i have two comments. first your name for b's work place seems a little iaappropriate. if you put two of the third vowel in your id, it becames a slam to them, unless you really mean it.

second, we havea couple of cousins up there. one is a widow and the other a single mom. they are nice women and you would enjoy them. it would give you a chance to try being a missionary. let me know if you want us to contact them.

just so you're not too surprised, seattle is very liberal but still nice. go visit the space needle for lunch (too expensive for dinner). also have some other ideas for dinner if you want.

love to you all especially jack.


Jean said...

YAAAAAAAY!!! You made it! (Yahoo for first class, girl! But boo to the stuffy first class passengers!)