Friday, September 11, 2009


i've been thinking a lot about sept. 11 lately, so today is a little somber for me. i just finished a book called 102 minutes [i saw it in the gift shop of the world trade center memorial the last time i was there and really wanted to read it; finally got around to it last month], all about the WTC and their collapse. the book was super hard for me to get through -- every time i picked it up, my heartrate increased dramatically. i freak myself out reading intense encounters of other people. haha. anyway, highly recommended book if you're interested -- i learned a lot.

i was a senior in high school on 9/11 and spent the day talking about it in my classes and watching cnn. b was in the missionary training center, getting ready to go to germany on a mission for our church, and they wouldn't tell them anything about it. i think to this day he still doesnt really get all the drama behind it.

and last year on this day i was on a plane, flying to europe. [crazy how fast time goes, isn't it?] i'll never forget going through the security line that morning and seeing everything freeze while we had a moment of silence at the exact time the first plane hit the trade center. 9/11 is a sad day, especially now that i've read that book & know personal stories of people who died. but i do feel like i have a new respect for that day and all the people involved.

p.s. i watched a show on spike tv about how to save yourself in the event of a terrorist takeover on an airplane, so i could probably save your life now. in case you're wondering :)


Rebecs said...

It is a sad day. I think it is sad for people who were on missions because it's what you said, the day of weeks, months after were so somber and nothing you can explain to those who missed it. I will defintely have to check out that book. I am glad you are finding a happy place in Utah and enjoying your job. We really do need to catch up. Let me know what works best for you, lunches or dinner or just ice cream.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm gonna have to check out that book, it sounds intense. I didn't know that at the MTC they didn't fill the missionaries in, interesting. Thanks for your post, it's a good memorial.

Justin + kelly said...

Justin and I were just talking about how we can remember that day so clealy. I remember getting to seminary right after the first tower got hit and sitting in the RCHS parking lot listening to the radio in your car when the second tower got hit.... somethings just dont ever leave you.