Saturday, November 26, 2011

grateful weekend

it's officially the christmas season! hooray. but -- before we get to that -- i have to say that i love thanksgiving. i've always felt a little bad for this non-commercial holiday, the one that usually gets lost between halloween and christmas. i never put my xmas decorations up or start listening to christmas music before thanksgiving, just so i can actually pay attention and reflect when thanksgiving day comes.

my parents were in town all week, and we spent thanksgiving day with extended family in redmond. my mom's long lost cousins and aunts live here with their families, and it's fun to be with a large group for a holiday again. we got to know some new people and even observed a surprise marriage announcement [turns out the host's son has actually been married to his live-in "girlfriend" for the past 18 months, surprise! enjoy your turkey!]. jack was the hit of the party and i didn't have to watch him at all, thanks to two 10 year old girls who played mother's helper all night. loved it.

last night on the radio [b and i only listen to talk radio now, we're soooo exciting] they were saying we should just do away with thanksgiving all together, that everyone ignores it, that you can be grateful all year long. it made me a little sad. sure, we can be grateful all year long, but are we?? i don't think so. i get so caught up in day to day life that i forget to pay attention to all my blessings. i love taking a time out on thanksgiving each year to realize and thank god for all the good things in my life. i feel happier and start to realize that what i have is enough.

so, in light of that, here are some of the things i'm thankful for. like a cute husband who works hard all day, comes home and plays with jack, compliments my dinner efforts and then does the dishes. and an adorable little boy who gets smarter, funnier and bigger every day. i'm thankful to live in a warm apartment with nice carpet and kind neighbors. and to be in a beautiful city, to have new friends who have welcomed us right away, and to see autumn leaves everywhere i go. i'm thankful to live in a free country even though our financial situation scares the crap out of me.

i'm thankful to be able to pray everyday and know that god hears and responds to what i say. i'm thankful to go to church every week. i'm thankful for technology that allows me to continue my career AND stay home with my baby. i'm thankful for toddler time at our community center that lets jack get all his energy out even when it rains. i'm thankful for trader joe's new multi-flavored joe joes [peppermint, dark chocolate, peanut butter and gingerbread!] and heck, i'm thankful just to live in the same city as trader joe's again. i'm soo thankful for the sun and that it still makes a regular appearance around here. i'm thankful for clients who make work fun, and naptime that makes work possible. i'm thankful that jack has four grandparents who adore him. i have so much to be grateful for, and i'm thankful i could spend this weekend paying more attention to it.

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