Thursday, November 17, 2011

t-giving & another video

thanksgiving is ONE week away! my parents are coming to town and i'm totally excited for a week of playing tour guide, eating yummy food, and taking a break from the day-to-day.

while this could be my first opportunity to actually cook + host thanksgiving dinner, i'm actually off the hook thanks to some long-lost extended family in redmond. BUT, if you're hosting the big meal this year [or just need some good decorating / activity ideas], i highly recommend checking out this month's parents magazine.

one charming party designed some super cute thanksgiving DIYs (there are even how-to videos!), like the paper bag turkey and kix corn-on-the cob, as a perfect addition to your celebration this year. and i'd be saying that even if they weren't my client :) [do you read parents mag? it's my favorite.]

and, while we're sharing adorable things, here's a little clip of jack showing off his latest tricks.


Brandon and Erica said...

what a well trained little guy!! He is absolutely adorable. LOVEd the video...what a smart little cookie.

Mike and Jen said...

we are working on the facial parts too ha. So far teeth and hair are the only certainties..

The Mid Life Guru said...

Cutest kid alive. We are so excited to come and visit!!!

Roxanne said...

Jack-o is SO adorable!!! I should look into getting a baby! lol!