Saturday, November 26, 2011

tour guide x2

we love having family come to town!

this week we hosted my parents and it was awesome. i forget how nice it is to hang out with the fam. b had to work on monday and tuesday, so jack and i played host. we did lots of sight-seeing -- snoqualmie falls, space needle, REI flagship store, bellevue restaurants, old town issaquah -- some of which jack liked, and some of which he hated. here he is, mid-meltdown at the top of the needle:

probably because he had to skip his nap that day. sorry buddy, we had places to go!

at the falls:

we also did lots of relaxing. my mom helped me sew jack's christmas stocking [more to come on that!] and my dad and i went running each night. b, my dad, and i went to a shooting range one night and shot a bunch of guns -- it was crazy and i pretty much loved it. we went black friday shopping and played games and watched the middle and went out to eat. staycations are so fun, especially when you have cool people to share it with. it was a perfect week. and now i have a LOT of catching up to do -- and we're missing you tons, grammie and pop pop!

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Leandra said...

I know all about babies skipping naps and then hating life :) glad you got to show off your town!