Monday, November 7, 2011

the rock thief

look at me, staying up super late! i should really be in bed right now, it is sooo past my bedtime [also, daylight savings time really sucks if you have kids] but hey. guess what. jack did something funny today.

our apartment complex is very nicely landscaped with lots of small rocks. also many large grates, draining to nearby creeks. bad combo for a kid who loves to sort things.

i take jack outside every day -- some days we go to the park if i'm feeling overly ambitious, most days we just run around the parking lot and up to the mini-park on a hill nearby. sad childhood for a kid who lives in an day you'll have your own backyard, jack. he has his favorite little routes to take to the mailbox, to our neighbors with the awesome halloween decorations, to the clubhouse, to the bridge. but lately the route always ALWAYS involves rocks.

he grabs a rock, runs to the nearest grate [he only runs now, walking is for babies!], leans over, drops his rock, waits for the plop!, then runs and gets another rock. it's pretty funny and really cute...until he does it 20 times in a row and i start to get nervous that he's destroying the landscaping.

last week i announced to b that rock-dumping was OVER [after all, it was b who taught him this in the first place] and so far it's been going okay as long as i keep the distractions going. but today jack was cranky [see: daylight savings] and therefore i was cranky and therefore i let him dump a couple extra rocks. then he started dumping leaves which i figure is okay because they're all biodegradable and stuff, and plus he's probably doing the maintenance guys a favor by cleaning up the leaves right?

after 20 rounds of rock dumping [up the hill this time, away from organized's okay if it's at a park, right?] i made him stop and carried him home and jack threw his first all-out tantrum. arched back, flailing limbs, swiping fists aimed directly at my face. that was pretty fun. no need to send me to prison for letting my kid destroy rock gardens...just turn me over to the wrath of jack and i'll definitely get due punishment.

anyway, the walk wasn't all bad. i can't get over how incredibly gorgeous the leaves are here. we sort of live on a mountain and you can see millions of trees of all different colors on the nearby hills. i love it. but i still miss the dry barren wasteland of california.

the end. i'm going to bed.


Angela and Mike said...

haha, Jack found a pretty great game. Colton loves throwing rocks in the river...that's his favorite. First all out tantrum? Congrats! haha. Oh, and the views from your apartment are GORGEOUS. I love that you live on a hill. So so pretty.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on your first big tantrum. They get super fun as the kids gets more experience and then you go public.

My boy & I had many wonderful walks in our apartment. He too loved the rock game with sewers and things with metal grids. He also loved watching construction trucks which was lucky for him that they were building the 210 freeway in our "backyard." Awesome times.

You'll be glad you stayed up late to write it down :)

Leandra said...

Be excited you made it this far without a full on tantrum before :)Sophie has been throwing them since like 10 months. It's awesome. And I love that he loves rocks. So funny. Your home loooks soooooo pretty.