Thursday, November 3, 2011

on a mission

sometimes mr. jack makes me laugh out loud. on halloween, i was putting laundry away and had a few drawers open. he really likes to sort / organize things. it was a match made in heaven.

my favorite part was his determined little run back to the bedroom to get a new item to add to the stash. so focused.

i love this kid.


Sarah said...

We loved it. my boy loved his shirt and kept saying oh he is going on a mission. What a cutie you have!

Sami said...

my kids love when you put videos on. we have probably watched the bath one hundreds of times. They think it is hilarious. Again mommy again.

The Mid Life Guru said...

Adorable. That is going to be one smart boy!!!

megan said...

oh he is so cute!!!! I can't believe he is that grown up! Where has the time gone?! it's fun to hear your voice too!!