Wednesday, May 26, 2010

baby prep

so, i always told myself i wouldn't become a "mommy blogger" and just write baby stuff all the time, because for those couple years when i was married & childless, i felt sort of distanced and left out by friends who did offense ;) BUT. my life is rapidly turning into all-about-baby so i guess i should share some of that.

last weekend we took a childbirth prep class at our swanky new hospital. i think it was a bit of an eye-opener for b [he grabbed one of those birthing info brochures when we got there and leafed through it intently, asking questions and showing me various pictures and saying "whoa"], but i really liked it. sure a couple of the videos made my heart rate rise, but overall i liked talking through all this stuff i've been reading about for 8 months and being able to ask questions etc.

we also got to tour the birthing center, which made me feel really good. especially since we just moved here, i didn't quite know what to expect at the hospital and whatnot...but the tour definitely helped me visualize where i'll be and what will happen.

the best part was when we hung out by the nursery window for a bit and watched a nurse give a tiny baby her first sponge bath. all i could think about was jurassic park when they go to the dino nursery and watch a raptor egg hatch...and two seconds later another guy in our group said "this is just like jurassic park!" yesssss. i am not the only crazy JP-obsessed person :)

and i guess i've started nesting, because yesterday i went through our designated baby closet and started organizing all baby dub's clothes, toys, etc. he has a LOT of really cute stuff and i can't wait to dress him up. shoot, even patterned onesies make me excited these days.

then, last night we went to babies r us to buy up the rest of the stuff we needed from our registry. due to the move and whatnot we had a ton of gift cards to use on things that we hadn't wanted to buy & lug all the way from utah, so it was like christmas morning. i am SO ready for this baby now. he has a car seat! and a stroller! and a boppy! what more could a baby ever need?

we also ran into another couple from our birthing class while there, who promptly asked b if he was there to buy a sharpie to label our baby [one of b's questions during class was whether he could mark the baby so the nurses didn't mix him up...yeah, he was def the class clown even when it came to birthing stuff]. no, the sharpie was not on our registry, thanks.

i've been reading tons of pregnancy / baby books and online articles, basically since before i got pregnant, and now i'm starting to flip back through some of them for a refresher. my favorites so far have been baby wise, the super nanny baby book and of course what to expect when you're expecting. i just got happiest baby on the block from the library this week so i'm thrilled to learn about the 5 s's or whatever propaganda that book teaches.

and there you have it. the wells are getting ready for this baby! now if only we could come up with a middle name....


☂niki said...

how exciting! you are just adorable. pregnant looks great on you;)

that is very scary to be away from friends and family while having your first baby. will you be having visitors when you deliver?

it's also a great growing experience, isn't it? lots of pros and cons, but i'm sure for you, like us, the pros out weigh the cons...

Angela and Mike said...

haha, I LOVE the sharpie idea...did he get that from Michael in the office when he marked which girl was his girlfriend?

I am ALL about you doing baby posts all the time :) I throw in some normal ones too, but really, life is just about the baby.

I'm so so excited!

Chad and Jessica said...

Hi! I know I never comment on here but I couldn't resist with such exciting things happening for you! Congrats! We used Baby Wise and Happiest Baby on the Block with Anna and LOVED them! I now have a toddler that sleeps 13 hours/night and takes a 3 hour nap thanks to babywise, I totally recommend it! Can't wait to hear about your little man's arrival :)

Amy said...

I remember going through that nesting stage! It was a lot of fun and it gets you excited when you plan it all out and get the gear all ready! We did Baby Wise and Emerson was sleeping 13 hours though the night at 4 months! It really works! Now, I am off to the bookstore to find one that helps me deal with a toddler!

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the nesting phase!

And I won't start a war of words on your blog, but if you want my 2 cents about BabyWise, email me.


Jean said...

I am SUCH a big fan of the 5 S's. That worked wonders for Weston. AHH!!! I am so excited for you. It's so fun to watch another girl go through all this baby excitement. :-) Oh, and middle name? Chaotician. DONE.

Leandra said...

PS have you heard of the miracle blanket? I have a friend who swears by it and I've seen her baby go from crying to not crying as soon as she's in the blanket. google it, I'm getting one for sure

Leandra said...

So I've started reading happiest baby on the block too! ha ha it is propaganda :). Except I love calling everything the 4th trimester now. You'll know all about the 4th trimester soon enough. And someday when I can explain it better I'll show you how you can just throw "the 4th trimester" into everyday conversation :).

ANYWAY, cannot wait to see baby dub in all his sweet outfits! I am in love with those little shoes. He's going to be here in no time!

Sorry if this comment doesn't make any sense, I'm at work and trying to write it fast before someone catches me on blogger and decides to shut that down too :)

Kathryn said...

One suggestion to keep all those baby clothes looking cute after baby dub poops all over them. Pre-scrub with Ivory bar soap and the hottest possible water. I know you have to actually touch poopy clothes, but after changing a few diapers, you'll get over the gross factor and just want his clothes clean instead of all yellow and stained.
Anyway, with that fun thought, hurray for babies!! Keep the baby posts coming.

The Facks of Life said...

ready or not, here he comes!

love the jp visual. haha! made me laugh! and also made me realize what a great boy mom you will be. :)

A and M said...

This is such an exciting time in the pregnancy...the countdown!
I love your Jurassic Park reference too.