Friday, May 21, 2010

brunch shower

so last weekend i flew home for a baby shower in california. i had requested a brunch shower because breakfast foods are one of my biggest cravings these days and boy the ladies in the kitchen did not disappoint! check it:

first of all, a note on my appearance. yes my hair is purple now, and no i didn't wear the purple shirt on purpose. [although maybe it works...? like on 30 rock when jack says "she was wearing red underwear & you'd think it would clash with her red hair, but it DIDN'T!" haha. maybe not, in my case.]

and i didn't really notice how huge i've gotten until i saw these pictures. if you have comments on my current state please keep them to yourself and don't spout them off like my grandmother, who said on the morning of the shower, "you know, i don't really mind your face filled out like that." ha. um, thanks? is my grandmother turning into lucille bluth? yes.

anyway, it was so fun to see everyone -- lots of my mom's friends from church [who i've known since i was tiny] came, and a bunch of MY friends made the long trek to rancho to be there too! i think roxanne wins for longest drive, all the way from san diego...i loved having her there. our lives have been parallel for a long time [met in the BYU newsroom, interned for the same agency in NYC, both ended up in california doing PR] but i think now we are separating a little because i had to go and have this baby. sorry for making you listen to all the mommy talk, roxy :)

my bff niki [and little mia!] came out from pasadena:

and two friends i've sort of grown up with, karly and mollie [of mollie jane photography, our lovely photo shoot a while back] were both there. they are both preg too -- karly is due two weeks before me with a girl, and mollie is due in the fall with a boy! it was so fun comparing notes with them and catching up.

i don't have a picture of this one [DANG it!] but tracy came too. she used to be my boss in LA but i guess since i don't work for her anymore she is just my friend now :) tracy is preg with baby boy #2 and it was SO so good to see her and her little bump. so instead of a recent pic, you get one of me, tracy and coop from my last day at GH:

i swear, 2010 is seriously the year of the baby. just about everyone i know has had / is having a baby this year. and if they're not having a baby, they're doing something else that starts with a D and is really sad. so i hope all you readers are having babies and not getting the latter :)

and, my grammie came all the way out from arizona just to be at my shower. it was great to have her there [in spite of the aforementioned comment ;) ]:

baby wells got totally hooked up and i can't wait to dress him in all his new clothes. thank you so much to everyone who came to the shower!! now we just have to wait six more weeks to meet the little guy...


Brandon and Erica said...

Oh Grammie! That is hilarious she said that a) because Grandmas can get away with saying anything, and b) because your face doesn't look ANY different!

You are adorable...glowing even :) And you are all belly! You are lucky you're tall and skinny!

What a fun/yummy-looking baby shower! I think baby Dub is ALL suited/bathed/gifted up for his arrival. Can't believe only 6 more weeks! YAY!


Angela and Mike said...

haha, I got the face comment when I was only 12 weeks, so you are doing WAY better than me. "Your face looks like it's pregnant" is what I was told. I was actually just thinking how tiny you look. Your belly is sooo small! I can't believe you are due in just a short couple of months!

Sad I couldn't be at any of your showers :(

Roxanne said...

Oh I like this pic of you and I WAY better than the one I got on my camera. I too want to express compliments to the chef (it was delicious). I love our parallel lives--so I'm a little behind on the whole marraige and kid thing--I'll get there! Maybe Nikki's husband's brother can help me out? haha! You also quoted 2 of the best shows around--I heart you twin!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Your new purple hair (it really doesn't look purple though :) ROX!

dillon and kim said...

Lindsey! You are too cute! I love love love your purple hair and matching shirt, you may very well be the most stylish prego lady I've ever seen, and I live in UTAH!

dana said...

oh you are SO cute!
loving the dark hair color too!

megan said...

ok, you said not to say anything about your current state, but I have to. You look gorgeous!! Seriously! Love seeing all of the pics of you especially with niki! fun times!

and btw..hook me up with shabby apple :-)

dietcokegrrl said...

LOVE the hair and the preggo tummy. You are just too cute! Sorry timing was off for me to make it to the time. :)


Jean said...

YAAAAAY!!! Happy shower!!! You look so ridiculously adorable. I'm so glad you were able to see Niki, too!

The Facks of Life said...

aw! so fun to see you friend. and i can't wait for you to move back to p-town some day!

make it happen!