Thursday, May 20, 2010

coconut mango sticky rice

[good closeup of our lovely timeshare-style cookware...]

on our honeymoon we ate at a little thai place outside of honolulu and for dessert we had coconut mango sticky rice. i'm pretty sure that was the first time i had had that specific dish and i loooooved it.

since then we've ordered it just about every time we go out for thai food [delish for the tastebuds, not so great for the waistline]. i think my favorite version is the one at saladang song in pasadena...oh how we miss you, pasadena. but anyway.

yesterday i was browsing some food blogs [tangent: I NEED RECIPES. this whole being-away-for-three-months has created some interesting issues, namely that i don't feel like stocking up on a bunch of random ingredients -- which i'm used to having on hand, but left behind in utah -- just to use a little and then cart them all back home and have two of everything. not to mention i'm without some staple cookware items like a crock pot, blender, etc. SO, if you have any recipes that don't use many ingredients and are easy to make, i'd love to hear about them] and came across this recipe for diy coconut mango sticky rice.

i've never attempted to make it on my own but this looked too easy, so i went for it. i made it in the afternoon before b got home and i was so so excited all day about what he would think. i was expecting fireworks, raving tastebuds and a definite 10+ rating. i showed him the surprise when he got home and he did seem we ate dinner and went to the gym, savoring the anticipation of our special dessert.

we finally brought them out when modern family started and i must say, in my opinion, it was super tasty. some of the versions we've had are literally drowning in coconut milk, and this one was a little dryer which was perfect for my taste. b took a few bites and wasn't saying anything [which is odd because when he LOVES something he tells me on the first bite] so i asked how it was.

his reply: "it's fine. needs more sauce."

boo. how anticlimactic. guess i need to find more fattening recipes before i spend a whole day getting excited over b's imaginary reaction.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE mango and sticky rice! Ryan said that all the sisters in his mission gained tons of weight because of the mango and sticky rice. I told him that was kind of prejudiced and rude (I mean, I'm sure some of the guys did too!) but I can see why! I have never tried to make it though. When you get the perfect recipe let me know! (Although I'm probably more like you - I like it with less juice)

dana said...

my friend made some the other day and holy cow, I about died (or ate the entire serving bowl full of it.)
YUM. I'm so glad you made some!