Saturday, May 29, 2010

the librarian

so i had to quit my job when we moved to colorado. i figured this would provide me a perfect chance to finally get started on a freelance PR career [something i've always hoped to do] and then just work from home after i have the baby...a good plan, albeit one that caused a few days of panic when i realized i no longer have a steady paycheck coming in.

BUT things have been going great and i have a few projects / clients lined up and it's enough to keep me busy. however...let's be honest, i'm still going a little crazy. freelance = work from home. b works from an office like a regular person. i know not a single soul in this town, so aside from virtual correspondence and waiting for b to get home every night, i've been getting a liiiittle stir crazy being by myself all day. daily trips to target can only get you so far.

one night i was on the verge of tears [okay, or past that point...dang hormones] talking about how i'm now facing a life of being stuck at home forever and b suggested i find some volunteer work to get me out of the house. brilliant! why didn't i think of that? so i researched some local options and decided to submit a volunteer application at our new library. we've already been there a few times and it seemed like a decent-enough job.

yesterday i had my first volunteer training. i learned all sorts of cool stuff about how the library runs, sorted through childrens' books, reshelved things, and felt like a nine-year-old when my supervisor had to approve my alphabetical sorting of DVDs. yes, thank you, i know my ABCs. i even graduated from college, did you know? [i guess they get a lot of high school students as volunteers, so they can never be too sure of one's capabilities.]

overall it was actually really fun. [am i major nerd for admitting that?] i'll only be volunteering a couple hours a week, and it felt nice to get out of the house and meet new people. my supervisor even said i can bring baby dub if i feel like coming back after he's born -- ha! they DO have story time for babies, so who knows.

it was cool to see how everything works and i am SO utilizing the lib when i have children. i love books. and DVDS...and CDs...and a whole shelf of dinosaur books. they have everything there! did you know? ask me and i'll be happy to tell you. i work on wednesdays from 10 a.m. - noon. :)


Jean said...

Yay!! You go, girl!! Good for you. Volunteering is one thing that I'm really desperate to do right now. And I love libraries, too (mainly because of the mom thing). I think I'll be at our local library every other day this summer. :-)

Brandon and Erica said...

hhahah! I can just picture you bringing baby with you to the library and the Librarian getting upset with you because your baby isn't whispering! If they're that stiff on alphabetizing, I'm surprised they'll even let babies into the library! :)

You are such a good citizen. xoxo

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

It is crazy to see how things work themselves out isn't it?!

☂niki said...

what a great way to get you out of the house and meeting new people. good for you. i would have never thought of doing anything like that.