Wednesday, May 19, 2010

where's my home again?

just got back from a five-day trip to california. when i left colorado it looked like this...

so i was really excited to land in a world that looked more like this:

...which promptly turned into gloomy mornings and drizzly days. i guess the crap weather is just following ME around because i hear it's been beautiful since we left utah, and colorado was nice while i was gone [cloudy again when i landed]. oy.

but i had fun. got to hang out with this little one, who is high-maintenance enough to make me think i got a tiny taste of parenting with her this weekend:

my dad asked me on the way home from the airport if it felt weird to be back home in CA...i said no, nowhere feels like home at the moment really because i've now been in three different "home" states in just two weeks. haha. i am a gypsy and that's all there is to it.

more updates to come soon, including a lovely baby shower, finding some work and my newly purple hair [?]...

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Mary Martha said...

purple hair? go girl! I'm home right now too and loving it