Friday, December 24, 2010

a sick christmas

woo! it's christmas eve! i celebrate by currently eating one of my mom's delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and will follow that up by stuffing my face at our favorite chinese restaurant. yes, the definition of christmas for the payzant household includes lots of eating. mmm.

so remember my last post, wherein i stated jack has taken up a lovely new whine + sleep issues? they continued throughout the week [except for one night when we doped him up on tylenol and he slept for 7 hours] and i kept vacillating between wanting to pull my hair out and feeling so bad that i couldn't help the poor kid out.

then, on wednesday morning, i got him up from his nap and noticed his ear was wet. hmmm. he had been tugging on that ear a few times in the two days before, but i just thought he was tired or something -- although i also knew that could be a sign of an ear infection, something j had not yet experienced. i called my pediatrician and the nurse told me to definitely get him checked out asap [she and i are BFF since i had literally been on the phone with her an hour earlier to discuss the fussiness i thought was related to teething issues].

so we took baby jack to urgent care [of course my insurance doesn't fully cover us out of state, yay]. turns out his left ear drum ruptured due to an ear infection, and he has another slight infection in the other ear -- PLUS the obvious painful teething signs he's had for a few weeks now. poor little guy! i must say, his level of crankiness during all this still ranks somewhere between mellow and happy, which is super impressive since he was obviously so sick and we didn't even KNOW. what a champ.

now he's hopped up on twice-daily doses of amoxicillin, which usually end up all down his chin & shirt instead of in his mouth, plus more tylenol and he seems to be doing better. and mom feels validated that there really WAS something wrong with the kid instead of just weird whining, and that we can get it fixed. antibiotics are our christmas miracle this year and hooray for that. merry christmas to all!

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

How's he doing? Is his ear infection gone? Is he sleeping better? Ever since we got home from the hospital Fox's sleeping habits have gone out the window so I hear ya about the waking up three times a night thing... Hope our babies get 100% better soon!