Monday, September 28, 2009

just some things

i have been a bad blogger lately :(
so here is some random catching up.

i cook now. i made dinner from SCRATCH [not a box] five out of seven nights last week.
good tv is pretty much back on, with the exception of 30 rock, so our dvr schedule is booked right up. wed + thurs nights are the best.
my hands bleed a lot at my job. i get paper cuts daily. good thing it's from beautiful stylish paper.

speaking of work. my desk chair looks like a dog chewed on it. one of the arms is broken and falls halfway off unless you wiggle it back together. the cushion is scratched. you get the idea. today our IT guy installed windows 2007 [yay!!] on my computer, and two hours later i got this email:
"lyndsey - i couldn't help but notice how horrific your desk chair is. i've ordered you a new one and it should arrive tomorrow."
HA! that was nice. i wasn't complaining or anything :)

we've finally rounded out the front room by purchasing this lovely ottoman. it was on CLEARANCE at target. oh how i love target.

this means b spends a lot of time like this now on football saturdays [except on weekdays. because it's 8:30 p.m. and he's STILL at school. geez, i thought i spent a lot of time on my own when he had the crazy nintendo hours -- mba school is quite comparable. i need new, solo, time-consuming hobbies]:

speaking of nintendo. we finally got ourselves another wii -- yay! mario kart here i come. it was a sad sad day when we had to give back all our "loaner" units. that is one thing i miss about b's old job.

oh, and, back to my cooking. one year ago this week we returned from our whirlwind european extravaganza. while in paris i bought some adorable eiffel tower-shaped pasta [at the top of said tower, naturally] and couldn't wait to cook it -- but then of course i didn't because i wanted to "save it" for something special. i finally busted it out a couple weeks ago. it was just as cute as i remembered.

oh, and btw, my mom came and hung out with us over a weekend two weeks ago. it was SO SO great to have her here. i miss having her just 30 minutes down the freeway :( we shopped, we ate, we read books, we shopped again, we got cupcakes.
and we took NO pictures together. sad! i do however have this one, which will suffice to document the weekend. she canned cinammon pears with my grandma and brought us a delicious jar -- thanks momma! we miss you already.

annnnd that's a wrap. hope you feel caught up with the payzant-wells family.
and p.s. we still miss california.


Jean said...

I love it all - love the ottoman, love the Wii, love your mom and the cinnamon pears (YUM). And (sorry) I kind of also love that you still miss CA a little bit and you haven't forgotten about all of us here. :-)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

- cooking 5/7 nights? that's awesome. way 2 go :)
- what do you watch Wednesday and Thursday nights? I watch ANTM on Wednesday, and Supernatural and Project Runway on Thursday and I watch the Office on hulu on Friday
- I miss paper cuts. truly.
- that's so nice that you got a new chair. when i left, the girls fought over my chair cuz i took it from another girl who left.
- target = heaven. that ottoman looks really nice.
- that eiffel tower pasta is awesome

p.s. - we miss Utah!!

Dionne said...

How cute is the Eiffel Tower Pasta?!! And hooray for sales - good deal on the ottoman!

sachia said...

Ottoman rocks! Want to see more of the photo you have next to your computer of you and B. You look like to cardboard stand ups at a glance. Tell me more.