Monday, September 7, 2009

three short stories

today is labor day. YAY! we heard about chik fil-a giving out free chicken sandwiches to anyone in sports attire so we headed over. never before have i seen so many desperate byu fans in such a small area, pining away for free crap. i wore a boise state sweatshirt for 20 minutes [thanks, spencer] so i totally earned that sandwich, because i was sweating by the time it arrived. i also spent time at the pool, working on my blog, hanging out with b and oh yeah, not working! i love holidays.

once upon a time i spent most summers and tons of weekends at my grandparents' house in north hollywood. there was a deaf girl in their ward who fascinated me -- i wanted to be her friend realllly bad, despite our obvious communication difficulties. so, at the age of 9, i decided to teach myself sign language. i'm sure most of my signs were wrong and i still had to spell out lots of words, but i thought it was so fun to be able to talk to her like that. we went to primary classes together at church and had picnics in the park.

then we lost track of each other, though i saw her in various places over the past 10 years [tv commercials, byu magazine, etc.]. yesterday b & i went to my other [non-north hollywood] grandparents' ward in provo because my mom & brother were in town, and who should be visiting HER grandmother in the same ward that same day but my long-lost friend! luckily her parents were there too to translate for me, but really she reads lips fantastically well so i didn't even need them. she has a baby girl and is married and is still the same sweet, beautiful girl i was friends with when i was just a kid. what a small world!

on saturday, byu played oklahoma for their season opener. oklahoma is [WAS] ranked #3 in the country, their quarterback won the heisman last year, etc etc. even i will admit i had NO hope byu could win. but, thanks to an oklahoma qb injury and the hand of god, byu pulled it out and won 14-13. i was thrilled!...the ute fan, not so much. he had to take a late night trip to the gym to get out his aggression. it's gonna be a loooong season around here.


sachia said...

I second number 3, not a huge football fan but the game was FUN to watch.

Mark and Sarah said...

GO Cougs!!!