Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i really need to go to bed.

but, today was great.
good day at work.
hung out w/ b.
bought that leather jacket i've been eyeing.
saw my hero again in the office.
and best of all:
went to ANOTHER mba wives thing [these people are serious. they have activities at LEAST once a week. overkill? maybe.] and was feeling seriously skeptical about it all. i'm just so over these mix-and-mingle things and i'm tired of trying to make small talk with people i have nothing in common with. not to mention i'm still attempting to make the best of this whole utah sitch while seriously erring on the side of pure hatred. and THEN? then i got free candy. and i met new friends who i actually maybe could possibly be real live friends with. i even called my mom on the way home to tell her my life improved 75%.

and tomorrow?
tomorrow GLEE is back on. [this is my new favorite show. set your dvrs...it is SO great.]
tomorrow top chef is on. [i am pathetic for loving my tv shows so much.]
tomorrow i go to my fun job and hang out with my fantastic husband and blog.
tomorrow is a new day and i am happy about life :)


Jean said...

LYNDSEY!!! Did you watch Glee? I had a mini Glee premier party tonight (it was just me and Laura D, haha!), and I was so sad that I couldn't invite you because you are way far away. (sniffle sniffle)

Okay, I'm better now. I'm so glad you had a fab day!!! :-)

2x2momma said...

OK, I am officially really jealous of your life Lynds! I LOVE Elizabeth Karchner and her painfully hip life! I've been following her blog for ages and her column is the first place I turn to in my monthly CK mag each month. It's so not fair that you get to see her in the flesh. I'm the one who lives in LA!!! I saw Audrey Tautou last night, but would celeb sight switch her with EK in a heartbeat.