Sunday, September 20, 2009

cougar town

yesterday we went to the first home game of the season. i was so excited to go -- first game always has so much great energy. unfortunately the cougars didn't get the memo and decided to leave their whole defense at home.

but i digress. we had decent seats, in the lower section on the north end zone:

we were in the sun for the first half of the game -- it wasn't awful, but i was definitely HOT. b made it through the whole game without saying anything mean about the cougars -- though he did wear black, a neutral color:

respective treats for the game -- junior mints for him, jelly beans for me. all the grocery stores around here have self-serve jelly belly dispensers and it is seriously my downfall. [also, please note my unpainted nails. i left them that way for a week, just to see if i could do it. i did...and now they're black again :) ]

we were near a bunch of other MBAs and one of them brought his little son [coincidentally named cooper] and sat right next to me. i spent most of the second half -- after byu started spontaneously combusting -- feeding jelly beans to little cooper. he was more entertaining than the game.

ultimately we got our butts kicked -- final score was florida state 54, byu 28. so much for an awesome season. also, all the other favored teams in the payzant-wells household [university of utah and USC] lost as well. what a depressing day.

at least i had a nice view of the sunset :)


Brandon and Erica said...

fun! though I think BYU left their quarterback at home too!

Loved your recap of the game AND your Thursday night date night. Your outfit for World of Dance is ADORABLE. People at the Marriott for SURE knew you weren't from UT :-)

sachia said...

Brett suffered through this entire game. Poor guy, I tell him that dealing with dissapointment from his football team makes him a better husband! :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Boo for Saturdays sports huh?

Hey, your hair looks soooo cute!