Tuesday, September 22, 2009

to greet or not to greet

one of the perils of moving back to a town you've already lived in is that you have a history. i am bound to run into people from my previous provo life -- people which, in some cases, i haven't seen in almost eight years who may not remember me.

normally this wouldn't be a big deal [especially because facebook has confirmed to me that a few of my creepy ex-boyfriends have, in fact, moved out of state] but for some reason i am unsettled about the whole thing.

for one thing, i had no idea it would be THIS intense. in the past 10 days i have seen:
- a PR program acquaintance at the gym
- a freshman ward acquaintance at costco
- a bookstore co-worker at world of dance
- a freshman year friend at the grocery store
- a friend-of-a-friend [and a husband of someone i blog stalk] at the gym
- my little brother's on-again-off-again girlfriend's sister at target
- two boys in my current ward that i cannot for the life of me place, but i know i knew them back during school

you get the idea. i did not say hi to any of these people, except one, because i figured they wouldn't remember me. especially the acquaintance ones. don't you think it would be awkward to say hi and have them stare at me, trying to remember how they know me?

the freshman year friend actually said hi to me, and i was very glad he did -- he was an actual FRIEND. we have a lot of history together, although most of it happened in 2002. i probably would have said hello if i'd seen him first.

but what about these others? should i have said something? should i remind them of how i know them, and what color my hair was the last time they saw me? ugh, too much work. mostly i just kind of do an extended double take, trying not to obviously stare, and then walk away quickly like nothing happened. i think i will continue with this as my M.O. for now...but i'll keep you posted if i change my mind.

p.s. it was ridiculously freezing cold when i left my house this morning. :( :( :( forget trader joe's stuff, someone bring me some california sunshine!


Jean said...

I know, those encounters are always awkward. It sounds like playing it by ear is the way to go. (Although, in my past I've seen people who I remember, and have NOT acknowledged them, only to have them come up to me and say hi, which makes me feel like such a jerk for ignoring them. Haha!)

becca said...

i'd seen something about the nicole's classes thing, but i'll take a closer look. thanks!

p.s. i like the turquoise tights idea.

Allison said...

I often do what you just mentioned. But it makes me wonder - how often do people from my past see ME and walk the other way without my noticing? Rude!

2x2momma said...

I think you should run up to them like you're sprinting to save your life, yelling their name and give them a huge bearhug and tell them how much you've missed them and why don't they ever call you??
j/k ;)

sachia said...

I'm just so intrigued with every entry that I can't muster up any advice. You are a fantastic story teller.