Saturday, September 12, 2009

the new hiz

in response to popular demand, here's some pictures of our new apartment.

just a reminder, we found this apt online while living out of state, couldn't see the inside till we actually moved here, our landlord is a jerk and i do NOT love this apartment. whew. now that's out of the way, here we go :)

this is the building we live in, with the lovely carport in front. [yay, my car won't get snowed on.] i think the apartment community looks like army barracks.

this is our front door. we live on the second floor.

we have this lovely view from our landing -- we overlook a little park:

here's one of the BEST things about living here :) we have our own washer & dryer! yay. i'm doing a load of laundry right now actually -- i LOVE being able to wash clothes, whenever i want, for free!

the dining room. no, the utah flag is not a permanent fixture here...just something the little ute fan put up at the start of football season. [sorry about the reflection of the square mirrors...there are actually only three, on the right wall.]

ALL i wanted to do in our new apartment was paint the walls. when we moved in and met our landlord and were informed we absolutely could NOT paint, i was pissed. like, so pissed i wanted to sell our contract right there on the spot and move somewhere else. but, i dealt with it. and we stayed. and instead, i did things like put stickers on the wall [see above photo of dining room] rather than painting a cool design. i painted my mirror turquoise rather than painting a whole wall turquoise. and, i painted a frame with chalkboard paint [see below] and hung it next to the front door rather than painting a whole WALL with chalkboard paint.

above the tv, we hung some pictures of our favorite architecture. from left to right, it's a photo i took of the eiffel tower [where we visited in 2008]; me & b in downtown LA [from our LA photo shoot]; the empire state building [where we got engaged]; the salt lake city mormon temple [where we got married]; neuschwanstein castle [where we toured also in's the castle walt disney based cinderella's castle off of].

here's the front room. this is the first time we've ever owned curtains in our married life and i think i love them:

opposite view of the front room, with the mirror and the kitchen:

the teeny tiny kitchen:

another first of our marriage...having a second bedroom. this is the office / craft room / storage room / guest room. but mostly b spends all his time in here studying. hence the mess. don't judge me :( i TRY to keep it clean!

our bedroom. we have a walk in closet! woo hoo.

overall, the apartment isn't so bad...i actually started becoming a little attached once we got all our stuff moved in and situated. also, this is by far the biggest apartment we've ever lived in, and we have TONS of storage space which is exciting.
it doesn't have as much character as our LA apartment, and doesn't enjoy the great location of our pasadena apartment [which, for whatever reason, i never finished decorating, so i guess we got a step up on that here], but it works. we live less than a mile from a super target, three different grocery stores, a giant mall and a future location of in n out.

i'm just happy to have my own space :) but i still wish i could paint.


Angela and Mike said...

lame that you couldn't paint :( It looks great though! Washer and dryer, walk in closets, In N Out...doesn't sound too bad to me! You've done a great job with it. Thanks for the pictures, finally!

Melanie said...

I love the turquoise accents and I love the sticker on the wall of the dining room. You've done a great job!

Jean said...

Lyndsey, it's awesome!!! I really like it. You have a knack for decorating (like the vinyl art - SO CUTE)!! It looks like a great place. I know how you feel about the painting - every time I go to someone's house or apartment where they've painted the walls, I ALWAYS think, "Wow, that really makes a big difference." I definitely want to paint our next place. So, I'm right there with ya on the paint longing. :-)

megan said...

I'm in love with the mirror, but no surprise there!

your decorating looks great! oh how I wish I had a space to decorate!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love the little things you've done to make it your own in the situation you're in - like those stickers in the dining room - soooo cool!

La La Land said...

I love the mirror. We lived in a place in Pasadena that we weren't allowed to paint and I hated that! But, I loved the place, so I stuck it out. Good job!

2x2momma said...

Good job with getting all the extra space! We didn't have a 2broomer until Ian was outta law school.

sachia said...

Love the paint. LOVE THE MIRROR, more chunky stuff por favor!

dietcokegrrl said...

You've done a great job with it--despite not being able to paint.

And so jealous of the w/d. Really.

dana said...

Your place looks great! Oh....I feel so far from the "showing my finished home" stage. I'm happy you're there though :)