Sunday, October 4, 2009

conference weekend

saturday morning i woke up feeling like death...i have a cough + aches, fever, headache, etc. so you tell me -- cold or flu? who knows. basically i feel like crap and barely moved the whole weekend.

however. this weekend was the general conference of my church, something i look forward to the whole year, so this was horrible timing for me to be sick! every six months the worldwide leaders of the mormon church get together in salt lake city to share talks and guidance of what we should know for the next half-year. when i was in college we'd go up and watch it live in the conference center in downtown slc, but while i lived in CA we just watched it on satellite tv. now that we're back we had tickets for the saturday afternoon session and i was so excited to go see it in person.

also my brother came down to visit us for the weekend, all the way from idaho! b and i were so excited to have him here, and since he'd never been to conference before we were all looking forward to going.

annnnd then i felt sick. but miraculously [thanks to modern medicine + zicam] i pulled it together enough to get in the car and drive up to saturday afternoon session. i was regretting this by the end and had to come home to take a long nap, but it was so worth it.

here's the inside -- the conference center is super massive [i think it seats more than 21,000 people] and so pretty. we got to sit in the 40th-ish row on the floor. woot.

here's me and the hermano inside, to prove we were there:

and of course the three of us out front, after conference [you can see the salt lake temple, where b and i got married, in the upper right corner]. if i look like crap, it's because i felt like crap:

i LOVE general conference. it just feels so good to take a time out every six months, reevaluate how i'm living my life, and figure out what i can do to be a better person. i get to listen to our prophet and learn what God wants me to do. i feel inspired and happy about life -- my church gives me hope, peace and answers to those things i wonder / worry about. yay for conference!


sachia said...

I remember being able to go to GC. So glad you jumped all over that you amazing thing you. Love the yellow threads!

Jean said...

I will second your YAAAAY for Conference!! That's too bad that you were feeling so yucky, but I'm glad you managed to make it. Hope you feel better soon!!

Dionne said...

Wow, that holds a LOT of people! Wow, wow, wow!!!!

I don't know much about the Mormon faith, accept that I know a lot of cool people who follow it. I have a question for ya - can you tell me a little about your Prophet? I hear people mention their Prophet often, but I have no idea what they are talking about, lol. Forgive my ignorance! You can email me about it if you don't want to clog your comments!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Sorry you were feeling sick, that's no fun :(

Hey, can I have your wardrobe? Like for reals? Where did you go shopping in LA because I'm going so I can look just like you.

dietcokegrrl said...

YAY for GC! Sorry you were so sick, but you still looked fab!

Sarah Ann said...

i really love those tights + boots. totally hot.

dana said...

oh man. sounds so super crappy. Sorry you're not feeling well! But happy you could go to conference. Cute pic of you, B, and your brother. Very cute outfit you have on! You're always adorable that way.
Feel better soon!

Mary Martha said...

hope you get to feeling better.

Alexander said...

hey lindsey, guess whose radar you pop up on when you mention certain products? Wooo exciting stuff.