Saturday, October 24, 2009

look who's coming round the bend...

[photo from last year's christmas cruise]

christmas is coming! okay, not really. halloween is actually coming. but i am totally in a christmas mood.

we've been planning for the holidays at work and i'm surrounded by paper and ribbon with snowmen and santas all over it, so that helps. but also today i am starting my christmas preparation!

for gifts, i've decided to try to go all handmade. we'll see if this actually happens. my new sewing machine [and some very helpful online tutorials] have inspired me to try to make something for every member of our two families. i figure starting in october will help me feel less stressed out. cards. i'm feeling pressured to have something AMAZING because, you know, i work for a freaking scrapbook company AND i have a blog all about paper and stationery. yeah. we'll see how that turns out too :)

so, basically, i'm spending this beautiful fall day planning out the aforementioned activities -- but NOT listening to christmas music [i will still stick to my principles and not bust that out until after thanksgiving].

and then we're going to the byu/tcu homecoming game tonight! woo hoo. college game day from espn is filming in provo today and you should SEE the little co-eds running around with delirious excitement. you'd think they'd never seen a camera before.

and p.s. -- christmas also means the 3rd annual cookie exchange! yaaaay. except that i have made maybe 4 friends here in utah, so i'm guessing it won't be quite as huge as years past. feel free to drive up for the party :)

last year's feast:

oh, and p.p.s. -- 10 points if you can name the song that contains the title of this blog. jean, i'm looking at you.

hooray for the holidays!


H Is for Handmade said...

I will come to your cookie exchange! I loooove cookies! I am so excited for Christmas too! I actually start listening to Christmas music Nov. 1! I'm trying to make a lot of my presents this year too so maybe we can get together for a craft day! Wheeeeee!

Jamie Onken said...

Ok, I am going to totally miss your cookie exchange party this year. I actually just had a cookie that you would like (of course) it is a chocolate sugar cookie. My neighbor made them and left a little treat on my doorstep this morning.

Leticia said...

Hey...I am kinda like family...RIght...DOES that count for a homemade Christmas gift...?? THose are the BEST kind...:) If you need my address....I think your mom has it! :) NO pressure , or anything...I have seen your work, and you have inspired me to tap into my creative self~Again!
Happy early holidays!!!

dana said...

I'm so glad you're going to try handmade everything! It's so much fun and MUCH more meaningful!

and ooooo. the cookie exchange. Maybe I should fly up there for it :).

Jean said...

(Cue Price Is Right fail music...) ARGH, I totally did not get the song reference. I fail miserably. And I'm doubly failing because I'm missing ANOTHER one of your awesome cookie exchanges!! (Hey, we should have an exchange at Thanksgiving, since you'll be down here then!! Maybe we could do mashed potatoes instead of cookies, to make it more seasonally appropriate. HAHA!) And I'm getting so excited for Christmas too. I have like 2 Halloween decorations, but I have a million Christmas ones, and I can't wait to bust them out!!

Danielle said...

When I starting reading this post I got so happy. I thought I am totally bringing my Christmas music to work on Monday. We will have the best smelling and most festive office...then I read that you are holding out until after Thanksgiving. Which means I wont bring my holiday cheer....however its only so you can stick to your principles and mostly so you dont bail on Utah and leave me to rot in the office :)

The Andelins said...

...with a "ho ho ho" and a "hey hey hey" it's Santa's Super Sleigh!!!! (Do I win??? If not, I feel stupid...)

Michelle said...

Oh if I could be lucky enough to be invited to the most exclusive bakery event of the, I'd be so happy!

sweetsusan said...

ok, ccr???