Saturday, October 10, 2009


b has been out of town the past few days, so i hosted a girly party one evening with some of my old roommates who still live in town. now that it's october, i naturally chose a halloween theme.

i baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and dipped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in halloween sprinkles [inspired by this blog]. we had a lot of fun.

also this week i drove up to park city a few times for a work event. to get there, i had to drive through provo canyon, all along a local river and through the giant mountains that are up here. [and snowed on me. twice. ugh.] the trees up there are all changing colors and it was GORGEOUS. fall is truly an amazing season.

this was my drive [i stole this pic from my friend kami...she is a much better photographer than i!]:

annnd our anniversary is coming up this month. i'm excited to celebrate the big three years -- especially since last year i was on the other side of the country on our actual anniversary. this year has got to be better than that :) plus i love october because of halloween...i can't wait to watch hocus pocus. and stuff myself on the halloween candy i've already bought.

today is saturday and i have nothing to do until tonight. i'm still in my pajamas and have watched three episodes of america's next top model so far [how did i never know how great that show is??]...i predict i'll squeeze a few more episodes in before i pick b up from the airport. lazy saturdays are the BEST.


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Hocus Pocus! Yesss!

And freaky deaky - I'VE been watching ANTM all morning...These all day marathons get me every time...

dana said...

fun party! reminds me of your cookie party. And gorgeous colors. How beautiful.

Jean said...

Your Halloween party rocks my socks. I love the Halloween sprinkles idea!! Lazy Saturdays are the BEST. :-)

Allison said...

ANTM is my guilty pleasure, too. Who knew I'd be so turned on from a bunch of flamers and skinny bitches.