Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the recovery

yesterday i stayed home sick from work. i haven't taken a sick day in three years, unless you count the occasional couple hours i usually skip whenever i get a migraine.

on sunday night i was still hoping for the best...i have a lot going on at work this week, so missing a day would probably not be advantageous. however on sunday night i was also still feeling like crap. b and i skyped with my parents that night and my own mother said "wow, you don't look very good." thanks.

when yesterday rolled around i could barely get out of bed. so i texted my boss the update and went back to sleep. i did work on a few work-related activities later, but i spent the rest of the day reading blogs, taking a nap and watching AMC for six hours. these are the movies i watched:

a. jumanji [wow. i used to LOVE that movie when i was 12. now it seems so cornball. and i suspect many psychological inferences due to the fact that his dad is also the hunter...hmm. also b reminded me of the 14 times i have been told i look like kirsten dunst. that's a story for another time.]
b. the secret of my success [80's michael j. fox movie. it was vaguely entertaining, though i was slightly offended to learn his "secret" was to sleep around. sleazy.]
c. raising helen [i liked it much more last night than i did the first time i saw it.]

then we finished the night up with a round of scrubs, which we watch every night. as you can see, it was glorious.

also glorious? i've had zero appetite for three days, so that's helping the waistline. today at work we had all these treats out all day for an open house and i straight up walked right past the plate of cookies TWO times without even a second glance. i won't lie -- cookies do not sound appealing to me right now. what is the world coming to??

anyway, b has been taking care of me by providing vitamin water, soup, and a friend to watch movies with. he is really nice -- even if he squirts anti-bacterial hand gel all over himself every time he holds my hand.

today i was back at work -- feeling slightly better. i think i'm on the upswing...and relieved it's not swine flu :)


Jean said...

You poor thing!! I'm so glad you're starting to feel a little better!!

Dionne said...

Ugh, I hate being sick! But hey, you got to relax and bum around - so that's good.

Hahahah, Jumungi! I need to revisit that movie too, it's been a while.

dana said...

glad you're feeling better!
And I love The Secret of my Success. Mostly I just love MJF.
Hooray for not eating :)

Brandon and Erica said...

glad you're feeling better. I LOl'ed about how B does the whole anti-bacterial sanitizing squeeze. so funny, and kinda sweet.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Jumanji is classic. I want to hear the story about Kristin Dunst!