Tuesday, October 20, 2009


today is our THREE year anniversary.

three reasons i'm glad to be married to b today:
one. he sent flowers to me at work. but they weren't just flowers -- they came with chocolate too!! major bonus points. i think after three years of marriage b knows me quite well. i told him next year to skip the flowers and just send candy.
two. he makes me laugh. and can quote movies with me all day long. today we g-chatted jurassic park quotes throughout the afternoon.
three. he didn't even bat an eye when i decided to wear my purple tights + ankle boots to dinner. that man has more style appreciation than half the people in utah county.

b is thoughtful and appreciative and always tells me i'm pretty no matter how un-cute i'm feeling. he doesn't get mad when i eat the entire bag of halloween oreos. he plays mario kart with me even though i suck. he is my best friend.

to celebrate, we went to dinner at spark -- a swanky new-ish nightclub / restaurant in town. it was deeeeelicious. they specialize in non-alcoholic cocktails -- b had a mixed berry martini and i had a shirley temple [yes, with cotton candy on top].

dinner was filet mignon for b, cornbread-stuffed chicken for me. for dessert we shared a guava panna cotta and chocolate mousse / hazelnut ice cream / carmelized grapefruit. yes i'm still drooling.

annnnd to continue the celebration, next month we're going to see billy joel + elton john in concert. does that mean i like to hang out with 50 year olds? maybe. but i am SO excited about it. i've always looooved billy joel, and i think seeing him play with elton will be amazing.

so i guess we're giving a birthday-month touch to anniversaries now and making them last a month...which i am totally okay with.


dietcokegrrl said...

Oooooooo look at you guys going all out and fancy!! LOVE the beverages and the food looks so delish!!

Happy 3 years!!

dana said...

happy anniversary! sounds like a fabulous day!

Angela and Mike said...

haha, mike's brother has played in a jazz band at spark a few times. My little brothers went to see him play a few times and describe it as...not swanky...but pretentious. Anyhow, I don't think you are pretentious. But, I'm glad you had a good anniversary! Happy anniversary. haha

Jean said...

Happy anniversary!!! Okay, I have a lot to write: first, your dinner looks awesome. I always thought it would be such a good idea to open a swanky place in Provo that serves awesome non-alcoholic drinks. Second, I also love that you wore purple tights. That is just so Lyndsey of you, Lyndsey. Third, have fun at the concert!!!! Fourth, nature... finds a way... Fifth, there will be dinosaurs... on this dinosaur tour...? Sixth, clever girl. Seventh, hold onto your butts. (Eighth, I should probably stop now.) :-)

Jamie Onken said...

Remind me to tell you the story of my Billy Joel/Elton concert. It's pretty good stuff: me lying about my age, and my date was seriously probably 40 etc. (it gets better) good times, good times.
But they were GREAT, you'll love it.

Brandon and Erica said...

yay! Your anniversary looked so posh, good to see that you are still holding the high standard of posh-ness even when living in UT County :-)

And, yes, B is a PERFECT husband for you. And I also like how he tells your friends they look cute when they do, and doesn't when they don't :-)

The Andelins said...

Ok, we seriously are meant to be friends!! First of all, MY three year anniversary is just one week after yours... to the day! And second, I LOVE Billy Joel. Story time: Nov '07 he came to SLC.... me and 3 girlfriends made "I heart Billy Joel" T-shirts (with the freezer paper stenciling..), we bought the $25 nose bleed tickets, and some guy who worked for Billy (Yes, we are on first name basis here!) saw us and upgraded us to FRONT ROW, CENTER!!!! We touched Billy Joel's LEG! Hahah.. It was seriously the best night ever. (You can see pictures of it on FB.) I am so jealous you are going to Billy AND Elton. *Sigh*

Dionne said...

Oooh I checked out Spark, it looks fab! Your meal looks yummiful! I am glad your man knew to give you chocolate. Good on him!

A and M said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so impressed Provo has a fun "swanky" restaurant.

I also went to a Billy Joel/Elton John concert in high school but I don't think my story would be as interesting as Jamie's or the other friend that got to sit front and center.

Becky said...

ahhh. so glad you had a great time at spark. happy anniversary!

i love their drinks. love the peartini!