Wednesday, October 21, 2009

provo fall

**i ripped this photo from here. sorry for stealing, but that picture is just way too gorgeous not to share! and when you see MY photos below, you'll understand why i steal from others more talented than myself ;)

i cannot get over how amazing the fall colors are around here. who knew fall was so incredible??

sure, when i left for work this morning and there was ice on my windshield [and i was wearing a sweater, scarf and thick woolly jacket], i started missing the perpetual 70-degree weather back home, but...sorry, california. your palm trees got nothin' on utah's fall foliage.

this is a giant now-yellow tree right outside our apartment:

my favorite thing so far is that some trees and bushes turn BRIGHT red for fall. i get so excited whenever i see one -- they are so vibrant. [excuse the bad cell phone shot -- took it while driving]:

check out this cute post from nie for more photos of beautiful provo fall. yes i live in the same town as her and no i haven't run into her [but i DID see her sister last night at dinner! ha].

now if you'll excuse me i need to go dive into a pile of leaves.


Angela and Mike said...

Yes, I LOVE FALL with the changing leaves. Oh, how I miss it now that I'm in Vegas. There is nothing better tha nthe crunch of the leaves under your feet as you are walking. That fire red and bright yellow are awesome...

Roxanne said...

Hello, I knew that fall was gorgeous-hence my annual fall trip to the valley. I'm also going to throw out the fact that it's sunnier because I'm here. I brought some southern california sun...cuz lets be honest, it could and usually is a LOT cooler this time of the year.

A4GPA said...


Hey, I'm the photographer you "stole" the picture from for this post. Thanks for following part of the licensing agreement ( and linking back to the original work.

-- Eric R Ward (A4GPA)

Mary Martha said...

amazing! Love the leaves too... Every year I find myself saying it was better than I ever remember eyars past.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I do miss the beautiful Falls in Utah. But I'm still wearing short sleeves and capris so I'm really in a pickle about which is better :)