Monday, October 26, 2009

friend visits

i have been so spoiled lately with an influx of pasadena friends coming to visit!

last week our bff's the mcmullins came up so jeff could attend a conference at byu...and luckily melanie & henry decided to come too. they lived next door to us in p-town and we've spent many a night playing ticket to ride, painting and discussing football plays. i didn't take a picture of their visit but here's one of adorable henry, my favorite little guy [shamelessly ripped from their now-private blog]:

a week earlier, i'd had a fabulous girls' brunch with new-and-old pasadena friends -- all of whom blog, so you know we're perfect for each other. sachia came to town and planned the get-together [thanks again, friend] -- and turns out my lovely friend jen just moved to OREM of all places, so we carpooled up together with her two cute girls. at brunch i finally met laura, who moved out of pasadena right when i moved in [but i've blog stalked her ever since, so i feel like we're real friends...ha]. AND i met sachia's friend amy, who has no association to pasadena but is just a cool girl.

yeah...three high chairs, four kids meals, and plenty of fun girl talk. i was, of course, the only non-mommy there, but i had fun watching the moms try to corral their children. i was wiped out when i got home -- i don't know how these girls do it!

here's me, sachia and amy -- SO glad to know there are cool girls already living in utah. i have a feeling amy and i will be great friends:

anyone else care to visit utah county? we have a whole extra bedroom just waiting for you :)

p.s. if you're needing to cross a good deed off your list this week, i'm hosting a card drive on my paper blog. feel free to join in!


dietcokegrrl said...

Awwwwwww----so fun!! Yes, that is quite a crowd, but it IS Utah after all, so I'm sure you didn't get too many stares about all the kids like you would here.

I'm hoping to make it out there sometime. My niece is a Freshman at BYU and I'd love to see her.

YAY for P-town friends! Whoohoo!

Angela and Mike said...

Looks like P town isn't too bad afterall...lots of friends and get togethers. I'm glad you are having some fun! It is exhausting watching all the moms with the kids when out to eat. But, also entertaining :)

sachia said...

Aww, tooo cute. That was such a fun crazy day! So glad you made the drive from Provo. From Pasadena to Provo...what is next...Pocatello???

dana said...

How fun!! What a great group of girls to go to lunch with! I'm glad you finally met Laura. She is so great.

Amy said...

You are too kind! Breakfast was great in every way! You gotta love yummy waffles mixed with good company! I'm looking forward to getting together for some serious boutique-ing and crafting!!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Looks like too much fun! I miss UTAH! :)

La La Land said...

I guess we aren't stalkers anymore now that we're friends. Whew! It was so fun finally meeting you. We need to get together soon!