Monday, August 16, 2010

the confusion of having two homes

things i missed about utah:
- my sharp knives. missed them so much i forgot how to use them and sliced my finger open while chopping veggies.
- water purifier
- having more than 4 of anything -- we have SO many spoons here! amazing.
- DVR. we keep forgetting we have it and sit through commercials anyway.
- two cars
- lots of friends
- big family get-togethers
- great harvest bread
- j dawgs
- two bedrooms

things i miss about colorado:
- lots of windows and light in our apartment
- jaran & deborah right across the street
- the lone tree library
- park meadows
- our neighborhood
- driving by sky ridge every day and knowing that's where we got j
- church with non-utahns
- dropping b off at work every morning
- our big couch, high countertops and big fridge
- trash valet
- colorado sky + thunderstorms

can't i just have one home that includes all of these?


Mollie said...

I've just come to realize no where is perfect. This is a new revelation to me. The grass will always be greener on the other side. It's kinda sad actually.

Alex said...

I was just thinking of doing an entry like this!! I feel the same way!!

Jennifer said...

hang on to those SPOONS. I can guarantee that your kid will help you lose them (or put them in the trash for you).

I've always been torn between two homes - Utah, the place where I grew up and where the extended family is & Cali, where each of my kids was born and has grown up so far.

Amy said...

Yes, the grass may always be greener on the other side, but it just may be that a lot of people are looking at your side and thinking it's mighty green!

Leandra said...

that colorado home sounds like a real dream. i want it too. But hey atleast in Utah you have me!

Maybe we should just knock down the divider wall and we could have a kitchen big enough for a BIG fridge and new countertops....

And DVR- what a treat :)

Jean said...

I know!! If only their powers would combine into one SUPERHOME!!

Jillyboo said...

Colorado misses the Wells. The coolness factor, which is pretty high, went down a little upon you moving out.

Brianne said... don't know me, but I stumbled upon this post. I am from Littleton, Colorado and live in Pleasant Grove, Utah currently. I loved your little list! Thanks for making me nostalgic (especially about those Colorado thunderstorms).