Saturday, August 14, 2010

<< rewind: go broncos

another catch-up post. the denver broncos started their summer training camp last week and practiced right near our apartment. i could really care less about the NFL but tim tebow, arguably one of the best college football players ever, is a rookie for the broncos so i was definitely interested in going to see him. b's dad is also a huge broncos fan, so b knows a bit about the team -- not to mention we all know he looooves football -- and we decided to go check out practice one night after work.

tebow, #15:

baby j spent most of the practice sitting on dad's lap, scoping out the team roster:

the team came out to sign autographs after practice but sadly tebow had media interviews so he didn't come over :( BOO.

however, another main motivation for b coming to practice was that zane beadles, a former utah player, is also a rookie. after the practice, b got to meet him. we had dressed jack in his ute onesie just in case we got to see zane -- which totally paid off. we took this picture and zane signed the onesie. daddy was happy and i cracked up at the bewildered look on jack's face:

so i'm still not really an NFL fan -- i just kept thinking about how many millions of dollars were running around on the field in front of me -- but it was a good time.


Angela and Mike said...

Ewww... look at that utah onesie on j! He still looks cute, but would look cuter in a BYU one. I hope he has a BYU one too! How cool to see Tim Tebow!

Jessica Marie said...

Fun! My family used to be big Broncos fans back when John Elway played for them... not so much anymore. Except for my brother. He's still a big fan. But I completely agree about the millions of dollars running around on the field. Pro sports just don't have the heart that college sports do.