Saturday, August 14, 2010

<< rewind: colorado springs

just thought i'd finally catch up on colorado, now that we don't live there anymore. :(

the day after my due date, b had the day off for 4th of july and we wanted to take my mom sightseeing. we drove down to colorado springs and had lunch at this delightful german restaurant:

then we drove around garden of the gods and manitou springs:

and saw pike's peak, where "america the beautiful" was written. [that's your fun fact for the day...also, another day, b got to go up the mountain on a train with his fellow interns -- you can see all the way to kansas from up there. we decided against going up the day we visited, as i'm pretty sure the ridiculous altitude would have done something to my prego self. or maybe it just cost $65 per person.] the mountain:

we toured the olympic training facility -- sadly, no michael phelps sightings:

but we did win gold medals. ha! pretty sure no pregnant girl has ever won a gold medal:

and finished up the day by checking out the air force academy with its b-52 bombers and crazy chapel:

all in all it was a lovely day. stay classy, co springs.

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Jessica Marie said...

Haha, I have done all of those things (besides eat at that german restaurant). My dad grew up in Colorado Springs, and I was born there. This brings back lots of memories! Picnics in Garden of the Gods... Riding the train to Pikes Peak (good donuts at the top!)... Running around the Olympic training center with my siblings, trying to find athletes... Oh, and my parents sponsored an LDS cadet while we lived there (Elder Wirthlin's grandson), and he always came over for dinner, and we would go visit him on base. Good times. Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)