Tuesday, August 24, 2010

funny bone

in colorado, b went to another rockies game with his fellow interns & co workers. he took some photos, which cycle through our computer's screensaver every day, and one picture in particular makes me laugh every time.

upon first glance, not a big deal -- just b & his co worker cheesing it up. but take a closer look at the background:

i don't know who that old lady is, or what she is doing, but the fact that she appears to be choking AND looking straight at our camera cracks me up. thanks, little old lady, for brightening my day.

and if that's not enough to get you smiling -- because you too, like me, may in fact be suffering from sleep deprivation today after your baby decided to re-neg his awesome sleeping habits and stay awake all night plus take crappy naps today -- here's another good one. last year, b used to tell me about some random, crazy guy he saw doing yoga and tai chi in the middle of the field in our complex during the day. today b was taking jack for a little stroll and called me outside to witness the dude in full lotus position. i grabbed my camera and got a pose:

i love that he is not wearing a shirt, and that i don't even know if he lives here. reminds me of coach the dragon slayer on survivor. that's some good real-life entertainment right there.


Allison said...

Once again, thanks for the giggles. I love old ladies.

Britni and Chad Robertson said...

haha we love that guy! he's out there all the time! haha

Season said...

That grandma is hilarious. I 'bout died. And there's also a guy in our complex that break dances in the tennis court all by himself. We have a grand old time making fun of him while watching from our window. My favorite is when he waves and points to his non-existent audience.

dana said...

Okay, this is the funniest post.
I was hoping you'd also point out the (pig?)that's sitting next to him on the grass.

Nicole said...

I was going to say he reminds me of the Dragon Slayer, too! :) Jack is sooo cute! Thanks for the updates!

Leandra said...

ha hah ah ha ha! I hope that guy will still be outside doing his tai-chi when I'm on Maternity leave so I can watch him from my window everday.

And the GRANDMA! that's hilarious. It's almost like she was doing it for the picture. I like how her toungue is coming out the one side too. Thanks grammy.