Wednesday, August 18, 2010

jack attack

just a little update on jacko. this kid is seriously the cutest and has started really smiling at us -- i finally caught one of them with my phone. he makes his own little talking noises and just last night had his first conversation with b, chirping back at b while he talked.

he doesnt love tummy time [even though he has a strong neck and can hold his head up for a while] -- instead, we catch him licking the blanket or sucking on his hands for entertainment.

he's started wanting some alone time -- big surprise, just like his momma -- where he'll just lay on a blanket and look around, no doubt pondering the universe. i love when he is so alert. he will still tolerate us reading him books or showing him toys while he's hanging out, as long as we don't get too far up in his grill. he has a stuffed giraffe that plays music and he LOVES that thing, so we wind it up and let it entertain him for a while when we need a break.

jack sleeps great [though mommy still can't get used to waking up once or twice every night...if you've slept more than four hours straight in the past month, consider yourself blessed] -- and has slept in his official crib the past five nights! no more sharing a room with mom & dad! although he pretty much still spends the same amount of time with us because i check on him every ten minutes, and then i keep the monitor right next to my pillow when i go to sleep.

everyone keeps saying j looks like b, but we don't see it. i do know, however, that even though our once-independent lives now fully revolve around jack and his attitude, meals and sleep schedule, i wouldn't have it any other way.


Angela and Mike said...

I LOVE that pictures. He is a stud. It is true, life is trickier, busier, and more exhausting...but it's so worth it. What a cutie, and he sounds like a very good baby. I can't believe he only wakes up 1 or 2 times a night at 1 month! Way to go J!

Leandra said...

ah! cute picture! Just saw your tweet- and since I don't have a twitter (had one for 5 seconds but then could never think of clever updates), I think you can get them at Tie One On at the University mall. It's right across the aisle from Pretzel maker in the food court... kind of.

Jillyboo said...

maybe the cutest picture ever. Makes all of those sleepless nights so worth it once they can acknowledge that they actually do like you.

You Are My Fave said...

Look at that smile. We miss you guys already.

Sorry I didn't get pack to you about the papel picado. Your best bet would be to go to a local party store like Zurchers (they have big round balloons there too) or to do to a Mexican market. You can also make your own with square doilies or tissue paper but knowing my craft skills, it wouldn't look at cute.