Thursday, August 5, 2010

"it's called chillaxing...duh."

blog post title is a quote from community, my favorite show right now. okay, it's tied for #1 with 30 rock [an ongoing love] and modern family. i just love a well-written comedy, what can i say. but thanks to hulu and summer reruns i've been kind of OD-ing on community lately -- i like to watch it while i'm nursing, makes it much more fun -- and dang is it hilarious. sometimes i laugh so hard jack jumps and looks up at me like "seriously?? i'm eating here. cool it."

but really, chillaxing is pretty much what we've been doing around here lately. baby j and i have had lazy days at home all week while b has been working his butt off. today he gave his final internship presentation to company execs to share all the hard work he's done and he rocked it -- i'm so proud of him. tomorrow is his last day and then he's free till school starts! i can't wait to have him all to myself for a few weeks.

speaking of which, now that it's t-minus five days till the homeward-bound road trip, we're squeezing in all our last-minute denver activities. today j and i lunched at chik fil-a with my favorite cousin, while random ladies came over and oogled at how cute he is. haha. i'm so glad people pay attention to HIM now instead of asking to pat my stomach like they did when i was pregnant. a real baby is so much better than a giant belly. especially when he's so smiley and smells really good.


Jessica Marie said...

Haha, we LOVE Community. We never missed an episode. Abed and Troy are the greatest. And I love Joel McHale.

We are excited you are coming back soon! Can't wait to meet little J. :)

Jean said...

You pretty much just named my top 3 shows, too. Ahh, I love them!! I am a huge fan of the Law Firm of Seacrest and Slumdog. :-)

I would totally have oggled at Mr Jack too!! What a cutie! And kudos for going to Chick Fil A. It's pretty much my favorite fast food place. :-)

lyndsey said...

abed is totally my favorite! he is just so freaking hilarious in an understated way. b's fave is senor chang. "put me in the game. i'm one of those d-bags who brings his own gear."

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I've only seen a couple episodes of Community, but the one I did see with the paint ball tournament thing was an absolute knee slapper. I might just get the entire season on DVD just based on that one episode alone.