Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas 2010: a food diary

my family really appreciates good food, so this post is about all the delicious eats of christmas 2010.

jack made his first [and second] trips to trader joe's. he gets just as excited as his mom about that. obviously.

aunt rachie & uncle jesse came to town for five days! yay. we love them. here they are with a smiley jack outside young's gourmet:

my mom & dad treated the fam to our annual delicious christmas celebration at lawry's. it was soooo gooooood. mmm. [just ask the rose bowl football teams, who were limited to only two plates a piece at this year's traditional beef bowl.]

the carolers came by and jack was fascinated:

after christmas, my mom & i [and jack, of course] took a day trip out to visit some of our favorite LA hangouts. we stopped at forest lawn hollywood hills to drop poinsettias off at the graves of my great-grandparents and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. nothing like clear blue skies and beautiful LA sunshine.

from there we headed to one of my lifelong favorite places, carneys. it's this fun hot dog & hamburger place built inside a real train car...we've gone to the one on ventura blvd for as long as i can remember, but i know there's one on sunset in west hollywood too. i got my regular: a chicago dog with french fries and a chocolate-dipped frozen banana for dessert. it was fun to take jack there and sit where my sister and i used to pretend we were riding the train to some far-off destination.

after the train, we were heading back across town to pick up some world-famous garlic bread from the smoke house and miraculously stumbled across a paper source! it was a christmas miracle. we hopped right on in there and i had a very happy time picking out some new stationery. hooray! then we accomplished our equally important garlic bread mission:

also while in california we went to BJs [with my favorite biolsi family], slaw dogs [with my favorite fackrell family], the taco hut, pinkberry, boston's...the list goes on. please note we did not include a trip to tito's tacos, which i'm still bummed about. oh well, maybe next time. i really should have also documented all the delicious homemade meals my mom made us while we were there too...we definitely ate well on this trip.

well, there you have it. the longest post about food ever, and proof that my family really loves to eat. yum!


Leandra said...

hey have you ever been to the trolley in Springville? Also in a train! I love food too. that's all there is to it.

Jamie Onken said...

I love this post. Can I go on a food trip with you one day? I think we would have so much fun!

Leticia said...

WHere is this HOT dog stand? I LOVE it! I wanna go! AND where is the dinner spot with the carolers? YOU had quite the life! I enjoyed your time capsule so very much, and it has inspired me for a great FHE night with the kids! THanks! YOU had me laughing, but in a good way of course, and YOU are very beautiful, as well as JACK!

Danielle said...

I haven't commented for awhile! Jack is gettin so big. I love all the food and mostly miss those candy cane jo jo's. Oh the perks of my AC days.