Monday, January 31, 2011

the half.

"that boy sure is a running fool." -- forrest gump

so last week i signed up to run the salt lake city half marathon. this causes me to be equal parts totally excited and completely terrified.

sure, i like to run. a half marathon has always been something i wanted to try. but let's be serious, i've never done anything like this before in my life. ever. it's embarrassing to admit but i have zero athletic ability, no depth perception [not my fault; due to a botched surgery], no coordination...which have all kind of limited my forays into the world of sports in the past. so now you know where i'm coming from -- this marathon is really outside my comfort zone.

prior to this i have only run two 5Ks. i do like to run, though. i was getting pretty good at endurance running before i got pregnant, and since jack was born i've been slooowly stepping it up. but that's hard to do when you're in a gym on a treadmill, and you have no goals to keep you going. signing up for a marathon is a pretty good reason to get myself out there again.

but i'm pretty pumped about it. i've found a good training program, i'm shopping for new running shoes, and i am accountable to my friend aimee who is also running it. but still scared. official training starts next week and i am now entreating ALL of you to give me your best tips.

seriously. email me, text me, comment, whatever and tell me what i need to know for this race. and don't forget to tell me i can do it :)
[i also welcome playlist suggestions because running to the same five songs is really redundant.]


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I did the Salt Lake City Half Marathon for my first run EVER a couple years ago. I was so worried because I do not feel like I am a runner at all. It is SO WORTH IT :) There is no better feeling in the world!

Janessa said...

Let's run together! I doubt you want in on the 10-miler I have planned this Saturday, but I do shorter runs too! The indoor track is great at night, and running along Carterville Rd. in Orem is great on days warmer than 20 degrees :)

Aimee and Jared said...

You can do it! If I can, you can! CUPCAKES!!

Jean said...

AWESOME!!! You'll be great!!! Tim asked a super-runner-friend of his one time for advice on running a marathon, and he told him to make sure that his pee is "clear and copious." Haha! So, there ya go. :-)

Wendy said...

a half marathon is a great race and i have NO DOUBT that you can do it. just stick to your training program (at least the upping the distance part- i never was good at cross-training) and you will be fine. really. don't be too surprised if you find you want to sign up for a marathon after you successfully complete your half =) good luck.

Leandra said...

You can def do it! those long legs were born for running.

i thought of one piece of advice (that maybe you're already doing). If you're training on the treadmill, put the incline on atleast one. I always ran on it at zero and then when I did my first road race I died becuase it's never completely flat outside :). I'm excited for you.