Thursday, January 27, 2011

"your normal business itinerary does not include frasier's bottom, west virginia?"

pretty sure i have blogged about my love for win a date with tad hamilton before [like here and here] . if you're not a psychotic fan like me you might not know that the movie is set in a town called frasier's bottom, west virginia.

so i'm hosting this valentine swap on the other blog and have been pairing up groups of people to send valentines to each other through the mail, and obviously i see a lot of addresses. one of the participants listed her address as frasier's bottom, west virginia, so of course i did a little double take. and then did what all crazy people would do: emailed her about it.

in case you were wondering, my new friend informed me that the movie was definitely not filmed in her hometown, nor is the movie town anything at all like the real town. she said they don't even have a piggly wiggly. [tragic.] [she actually made it sound like a teeny tiny rural town, which between my memories of reading the glass castle -- set in WV -- and driving through rural georgia towns for work, i'm not exactly getting a very positive mental image.] BUT -- she did in fact attend marshall university, inspiration for we are marshall, and she went to school there when they DID film that in the correct location. so she got to scope out matthew fox & matthew mcconaghey, which i would definitely call a win.

so there you go. random fact for the day. thank you internet for letting me make far-off friends and learn totally useless crap.

one more quote to leave you with: "so, uh, have her back by dawn. and no cocaine." actually two: "open the schleigenschlagen!" "you're both named richard levy?" "who isn't?"

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Aimee and Jared said...

Congratulations, you've just eaten your body weight in Pringles.