Monday, January 10, 2011

i wore red lipstick

saturday night, b and i had a date. a real date! with a babysitter! [jenna, who didn't really have to do anything as jack just slept the whole time. love having a baby with an early bedtime.] we got dressed up and went to a fancy MBA dinner followed by a jaunt to walgreens and a seinfeld rerun. really, it was quite fun and i think we should do it more often.

the little couple all dolled up:

can someone please explain to me why i weigh 15 lbs less than i did pre-pregnancy and yet my stomach still appears to be three months pregnant? unfair. this nursing thing is confusing.

here i am accomplishing new year's resolution #2 on the way out [sorry about the duck face but what can i say, i'm part of the myspace generation]:

what do you think? clownlike? i felt fancy, that's for sure. also i even brought a clutch, newly purchased on clearance at target, which i used for the evening. red lipstick AND a purse that fits in my hand? it's like i was ready to do the red carpet at the academy awards. [i expressed my excitement to b who said "a clutch? like for when you drive stick shift?"]

here we are with the davises, our favorite fellow MBA couple. for a long time alex was my only MBA-wives friend probably because we both didn't have kids [and because we're both awesome], but too bad for me she lives in slc and tries to avoid utah county at all costs. but now i have baby jack and she is pregnant with TWINS [hooray!] so i guess we should start hangin out with the moms.

the skirt of my sparkly dress was about three inches too short for the byu crowd. whoops. following the dinner, there were a few stand-up comedians for our entertainment -- including the guy who did the byu new spice video. i laughed a lot. then we left to send our babysitter home and put on our pj's. a great date night.

and while we are doing show and tell, here's a pic of jack all dressed up himself. he is getting so big! it's our half birthday on wednesday...where does the time go?

the end.

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Season said...

I totally know what you mean with the stomach troubles. (And I'm not nursing.) My mid-section resembles one of those wrinkle dogs. Jack's hair is toooo cuuuute!! Hooray for six months!

Angela and Mike said...

15 lbs LESS than pre-pregnancy? Wow, you go girl. Seriously, nursing is crazy. I couldn't keep weight on either. But YES, I hate that all I have to do is drink a glass of water and my tummy looks 3 mos prego. Oh well. haha.

You look awesome. I love the lipstick and the mini skirt. haha jk. It didn't look too short to me.

Leticia said...

SO CUTE ! i want to wear red too, but have been afraid~ ! It looks good on you! WHAT color did you end up getting...What brand.?
CUTE resolve!

La La Land said...

I am so jealous! Date Nights rock.

And the stomach thing is totally normal. I was 15+ lbs less than pre-preggo, too. But, the tummy was still there for quite a while.

And you look faboosh in your lipstick. Give us the deets on that. I am in the market for a new color. :)

lyndsey said...

so the lipstick...i had heard that MAC had good, high-quality red lipsticks so i just went to their counter in nordstrom, talked to the sales girl, checked out a few shades and tried one on...then continued shopping around the mall and spotting myself in mirrors to make sure i didn't look TOO much like a clown :) i liked it, so i went back and bought the one i tried, which is actually one of their limited-edition cyndi lauper shades. [ha!] i recommend just going there and checking out what they've got, so you can pick a color that works for you.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Seriously what's your secret to losing weight!?!? Is it just nursing? I'm stuck at 13 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.... Email me :)

Ashley said...

You weigh 15 pounds LESS than you did before you got pregnant with Jack!?! I officially hate you. just kidding...kind of. :)