Sunday, January 16, 2011

porridge eaters anonymous

over christmas break, the j man got his first taste of rice cereal and wasn't quite sure what to think.

we try it once a day and i think we're making progress...not all of it ends up on his bib now, and sometimes he even gets excited when the spoon is coming at his mouth. b calls rice cereal "porridge," an accurate term in my opinion. here's jack modeling his sweet new ikea high chair:

obviously it's thrilling! oh, and while we're discussing big-boy activities --- if you were wondering if i ever got him a cart cover, the answer is yes:

next we try liquified fruits & veggies. solid foods, sitting up in carts...what's next? college? baby jack is growing up so quick but i must say i'm not sad about it. every new stage is my new favorite. plus little blob-like helpless babies are pretty boring.

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dana said...

haha. casey called it porridge too and I had to laugh out loud. Like we live in a hansel and gretel story or something.